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Best Crawfish Traps | Reviews and Comparison-2022

Best Crawfish Traps

One of the most sought-after delicacies across the world happens to be Crawfish. It is a delicious crustacean freshwater fish resembling lobsters. It is a delicacy enjoyed by millions worldwide, from the Americas to the Asia-Pacific region.

Crawfish are found in most bodies of freshwater including flowing rivers, lakes, ponds or even ditches. If you live near a freshwater body and want to catch crawfish by yourself, you’ll need some know-how. That includes knowledge of crawfish habitat, bait and the crawfish trap.

As the name suggests, a crawfish trap is a hybrid mesh trap designed to let crawfish in and trap them. It has two inverted funnel-like structures. The funnel is designed in a way to allow the fish to enter easily, but not let them out.

You won’t be short of options when you’re looking for a crawfish trap. There are a few things you have to know and learn before buying the best crawfish trap for your own needs.

Best Crawfish Traps in The Market

When you’re gonna take a look at different vendors selling crawfish traps, you’ll be spoiled for choice. They come in so many sizes, specifications and price points.

You can choose to make a DIY Crawfish trap with some common materials and some crafting ability. Or you can choose to purchase one from a huge range of products available in the market.

In this article, you will learn about five popular crawfish traps available for sale. You will know their highlighting and distinctive features before making an informed decision.

The five crawfish traps we picked for this article are as follows:

1. Frabill Torpedo Crawfish Trap

Frabill Torpedo Crawfish Trap

Do you want a good crawfish trap for your next fishing trip on the weekend? Something that will make your BBQ even better? You may want something that is not cumbersome or too heavy. Chances are, you want a product from a reputable manufacturer. That adds to the assurance of quality and solid design

The Torpedo Crawfish Trap comes from Frabill, a well-known fishing gear brand. It has a two-piece design, specifically engineered to improve ease of use. The product gets its name from the distinct torpedo shape. This unique shape allows it to weather strong currents and be equally effective in calm water.

This torpedo-shaped trap is built of solid reinforced steel. It has been dipped in black vinyl paint, which makes it more discrete. As a result, this trap provides great camouflage, which is always great.

This trap is quite lightweight, weighing in at only about 1 pound. That makes it very easy to maneuver in all conditions. The dimensions are also quite petite which adds to the ease of use.

The build quality of the product is lauded by most users. They claim it is very solidly built with minimal creaks and bends.

Some users claimed that they faced a minor problem regarding the pods coming off the clasp. The gap at either end can be a little bit, allowing some fish to exit the trap. Most still agree that the trap is very convenient to use and the drawbacks are relatively minor. That is especially true compared to some other products in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy Duty steel mesh build.
  • Unique and advanced two-piece design.
  • Special Torpedo shaped design for operation in strong current or calm water.
  • Comes with a pre-attached clip for tying a rope
  • Black vinyl coated for better camouflage.

2. PuDong Crawfish Trap

PuDong Crawfish Trap

Are you looking to cover a larger area and catch more crawfish at a go? Or maybe you are looking for something foldable and easy to carry around. Well, this crawfish trap from PuDong will suit your needs perfectly!

This trap has a unique eight-faced shape. There are eight inverted netted funnels in this trap. The trap is built out of fishing net material, crafted specifically for fishing needs. The net is then reinforced with 8 solid steel bar brackets, which provide it support.

This particular trap is shaped very much like a folded umbrella. When folded, the net is closely attached to the steel bars, making it very compact. There is a zipper design in the net, allowing easy access to place bait and take out the trapped fish, crabs etc.

For its size, the PuDong trap is also very lightweight. Coming in at roughly 1.7 pounds, when fully opened the trap is around 1 square yard. The lightweight nature and the umbrella-like folding shape make this trap quite simple to move around.

On the other hand, the lightweight nature of this trap can also cause it to move around a lot underwater. Some users reported that strong enough current can flip the trap over. So, this may not be your best choice if you plan to fish where there is a strong current.

Overall, it is still a very solid product you should consider taking a look at if you’re in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Reinforced solid steel bar design.
  • High quality fishing net with zippers for easy access.
  • Eight way design with separate funnels in each side to catch more fish.
  • Foldable design for ease of carrying.
  • Comes attached with 18 feet nylon rope.

3. Drasry Crab and Crawfish Trap

Drasry Crab and Crawfish Trap

Perhaps you prefer a product that is devoid of too many frills. You may want something that is straightforward and simple to use. If you are looking for a simple yet effective Crawfish trap, the Drasry Crawfish trap might just be perfect for your needs.

This trap comes in a sturdy package made of polyethylene mesh and thin steel wire. It has a rather flat cylindrical shape. This trap has similarities to a circular spring cage. Due to the polyethylene mesh, the trap is fully foldable and carry-friendly.

The trap has a double entrance system. There are two inverted funnels at two ends. It has a half-open cover design. That makes the process of removing the fish easier and avoids the risk of being bitten. Placing the bait also becomes much less of a chore.

The Drasry trap is pretty lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds. The lightweight makes it easy to deploy in water. Polyethylene mesh also keeps it stable underwater, despite the lightweight. The frame is designed to withstand strong currents.

Another big advantage of this trap is that getting out the prey that has been trapped requires very little effort. You will be able to easily compress the trap at the bottom and have the fish slide out instantly.

The overall sturdiness and ease of use make this one of the prime picks if you are in the market for a crawfish trap. It is specifically suited to people who are new to this pursuit.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of 0.16” steel wire for added durability.
  • Polyethylene mesh makes it foldable and lightweight.
  • Comparatively large entrances at 5.1 inch diameter. 
  • The covers on both sides are openable.
  • A convenient bait bag helps attract crawfish easily.
  • Helps avoid being bitten by prey due to openable design.

4. JMKCOZ Collapsible Cast Crawfish Trap

JMKCOZ Collapsible Cast Crawfish Trap

Are you looking for an inconspicuous and small trap that will serve your purpose? If you want a compact trap that doesn’t sacrifice reliability and ease of use, look no further than the JMKCOZ collapsible cast crawfish trap.

The JMKCOZ crawfish and crab trap comes in a relatively small package and weighs less than most competitors. The materials used in the construction of this trap are galvanized steel wire coupled with nylon strings.

This product is remarkably light and small, weighing only 800 grams. That is less than even one pound. The petite size and weight do not mean it is any less competent at its job, though. The materials used in construction make it very sturdy.

The product has much-improved waterproofing, thanks to plastic coating over the steel wires. What this means is that the wire will corrode or rustless easily. That adds to the long-term durability of the product.

One of the downsides to keep in mind is that the trap cannot be opened through a flap or zipper. That makes getting out the fish you caught more difficult. While this product folds up easily and happens to be very portable, it is not as convenient to get out the fish.

Due to its lightweight and compact nature, this trap is better suited for calmer waters. While it will work just fine in rivers, strong currents may reduce its efficiency.

Overall, if you value compact size, weight, and a simple design, this is a very viable option.

Highlighted Features

  • Galvanized steel and nylon construction leading to high strength build.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing less than 1 pound.
  • Small dimensions all around for easy transportation.
  • Foldable design allows you to fold it into a small crevice.
  • Two openings on the either side allowing to catch more fish
  • Waterproofing material covering steel mesh wiring.

5. Ieasky Fishing Bait Trap

Ieasky Fishing Bait Trap

Last but not the least, here we have a collapsible fishing bait trap from the brand easily. This product almost exemplifies the term ‘jack of all trades. It brings forth many of the features seen throughout most of the crawfish traps in the market. Most importantly, this product is solid across the board.

This product is pretty lightweight although not the lightest amongst its competitors. It weighs just over 1.5 pounds. The construction is very solid and sturdy.

The double-layered nylon net is enforced by galvanized steel. The double-layer adds to the rigidity and sturdiness of the trap. It is not easily swayed even under a relatively strong current whilst fishing.

The trap has a foldable design, making the job of carrying it hassle-free. Thanks to the manageable dimensions, you will be able to fit it in your fishing bag easily.

The trap also comes with an easy-to-access zipper system. The zipper opens the bag in half from the middle, letting you place bait and take out the fish you caught. This reduces a lot of the time and effort involved in taking out the prey after a fishing session.

You will find this particular product very easy to use overall. It does not have too many bells and whistles, but it serves its primary purpose very well. There are no overbearing flaws with this trap either in regards to usability or durability. If you are a newcomer looking for a good crawfish trap, this is worth looking at.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual layer nylon fishnet design.
  • Foldable design for easy carrying.
  • Rigid and Sturdy construction suitable for all kinds of conditions.
  • Easy access zipper system with bait pouch.

Crawfish Trap Buying Guide

Crawfish Trap Buying Guide

Are you an aspiring angler? Do you want your next fishing trip to be even more productive? Or perhaps you want the adventure and thrill of catching your own fish for a live BBQ. Either way, if you want to catch delicious crawfish, you will need some know-how. Most importantly, you will need a good idea of crawfish traps.

Before you learn more about crawfish traps, you must know why we use specific traps for crawfish in the first place. We will gloss over just that.

Crawfish are crustaceans, just like lobsters and shrimp. They also share many similarities with crabs. These crustaceans differ from traditional fish in many ways. As a result, they cannot be caught using fishing rods and traditional nets.

That is where the crawfish trap comes in. These simple yet effective traps are built with nylon or ethylene polymer fishnet, strengthened by galvanized steel housing. To avoid corrosion and rust, the steel could be further protected by plastic housing.

Most of these traps are foldable. That is, when not being used they can be folded and turned into a sheet/umbrella-like flat form. Even a fairly large trap can be easily placed and carried in a bag or backpack.

The defining feature of the crawfish trap is the entrance. The entrances are built like an inverted funnel. They are wide at the opening and gradually get narrower, just like a funnel.

By now, you should have a good idea about what a crawfish trap is and how it works in principle. With this knowledge, you can proceed to evaluate your needs and demands and look for a crawfish trap to buy:

Few of the factors to keep in mind are:

Different Types of Crawfish Trap

One of the first things to keep in mind is that there are multiple types of crawfish traps available in the market. There are foldable traps, torpedo-shaped traps, multiple entry traps. Each type offers a unique design, specific handling technique and caters to different needs.

Construction and Build

The build quality of the trap determines how sturdy and durable it is. A better-built trap is almost guaranteed to last longer and suffer more abuse. Nylon, steel are the common materials used in construction. Some manufacturers also opt for lightweight polyethylene mesh for production.


Size plays a key role in determining which trap you want to buy. This is almost solely dependent on your needs and wants. Are you a serious angler or hobbyist looking to catch as many crawfish as possible at one go? Or are you looking to catch a few for a family BBQ. If you want to catch more fish in one go, get a bigger trap.

Do keep in mind that bigger traps are also harder to maneuver and carry. If you are a hobbyist you may be served better by smaller traps.

Miscellaneous Features

After you have covered the bases, you should also consider a few extra factors before buying. This includes the portability, presence or absence of bait bag, zippers/flaps for access, etc. These features are not the bare essentials of a crawfish trap. But they undeniably improve the overall experience of owning and using one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to place bait within the trap?

For ideal results, you should definitely consider placing bait within the trap. That will easily lure crawfish in.

2. How do I remove fish from the trap?

You can use an opening in the middle or side of the trap. It might be accessible by zipper or flap, depending on the model you bought.

3. Can I catch only crawfish with a crawfish trap?

The good news is, you can catch much small fish, different kinds of crabs, and even lobsters using these traps. In that sense, a crawfish trap is like a swiss army knife; handy in all situations!

4. What should I use as crawfish bait or lure?

Often, the best crawfish lure is readily available for us. You can use raw meat like chicken or pork as a lure. Or, it is even better if you use fish such as salmon, carp, or trout in appropriate portions.

Final Words

Catching crawfish is a very fulfilling hobby with immense rewards in the form of delicious food or even economic value. But for beginners, it can be quite daunting and scary. That is where the crawfish trap makes your job so much easier.

The presence of so many crawfish traps in the market may confuse you. This article glosses over the few key elements to look for while choosing a product. We also discussed five popular crawfish traps along with their pros, cons, and unique features.

With all the knowledge and ideas of crawfish traps, you will be able to confidently catch a tone in your next trip to the lake or the swamp. Choose wisely, and Happy Fishing!

5 Best Crab Tongs to Ensure Secure Grip, Always!

best crab tongs

Don’t you just hate it when the angry crabs start pinching your fingers or hands? Well, these smaller creatures can leave quite a mark if they get a hold of your hands.

As if that’s not enough, conventional crab grabbers don’t even provide a secure grip over them. As a result, they slip out and get some injuries.

Now, we don’t want you to go through this much trouble. This is because crab grabbing should be a recreation. Not a way to increase stress.

So, we’ve researched for a while and we’re able to bring out the 5 best crab tongs for you in this guide. But, would these help? Yes, they’ll securely hold the crabs and keep them away from your fingers.

However, there were a lot of options. But, we did end up providing the best for you.

That said, let’s check them out starting from below-

Product Reviews of The Best Crab Tongs

1. King Kooker Crab Tongs

King Kooker Crab Tongs

Product Description

Hands down to the best crab grabber on the list- King Kooker Crab Tongs! If you’re looking for a helping hand to grab crabs then this is the go-to option. Here, the 15-inch length makes it easier at grabbing crabs from crab pots.

So, let’s check out the other features and benefits which lead us to crown this product-

Highlighted Features

When going for crab tongs, construction is quite important. This is because a hard-constructed tong will ensure its toughness and durability.

Well, these tongs are all about that toughness. Here, the product is made of stainless steel that adds to the durability. Plus, it even increases longevity as it’ll resist damages all the time.

Now, let’s focus on the length of these tongs. And yes, they’re the longest on the list. This does put the tongs ahead of the competition. This longer length will keep the angry crabs away from your fingers.

And, you’ll have an easy time grabbing crabs from deeper pots. Speaking of grabbing the crabs, the design makes it even easier at handling them.

These tongs have 5 prongs on the top. And, they help at ensuring a secure grip all the time over the crabs. So, you won’t injure the crabs or your hands if you’re using this product.

In the end, they’re a bit too large for the smaller crab varieties. And, some smaller crabs might go between the prongs as there is a bit of a gap in them.

So, you’ll need to consider that when you’re working with smaller varieties. But, with larger varieties, your life will be saved due to these crab tongs.

2. Joy Fish Crab Tongs

Crab Tongs

Product Description

Presenting the second stainless-steel option of the list. These steel tongs are made from the brand- Joy Fish. And, the best part about this joy fish crab trap is that it won’t rust or corrode easily.

Other than that, there are a lot of special features to discuss. So, let’s begin-

Highlighted Features

Starting off, these tongs come at a length of 14-inches. Now, it’s not the longest tongs on the list. But, it’ll still be ideal at keeping the crabs away from your fingers.

And, it depends on how you use the tongs when it comes to their length. Plus, you don’t need longer tongs to deal with regular/smaller-sized crabs. So, this length would be ideal.

Now, let’s move to the construction of this product as solid construction is essential. Well, you’ll be glad about the construction of this product. Here, it comes from solid steel construction.

This means it’ll last for a while and will be durable against all sorts of damages. Besides, the tool has steel rivets at the top as well. So, it’ll ensure that the crabs are out of the way from your fingers.

And, to make things even better, the steel used in this product doesn’t rust or corrode over time. Here, you’ll just need to wash them off in clean water and that’ll be it.

As the length of this product is 14-inches, it’ll work well with all-sized crabs too. So, you won’t have to purchase anything longer than this option.

In the end, the product follows a durable construction and will keep the crabs away from your fingers. At an affordable price, it’ll provide a lot of benefits. So, do give this product a thought.

3. Eagle Claw Crab Tongs

Eagle Claw Crab Tongs

Product Description

When it comes to crab tongs, solid material and a decent size are must-haves. Well, you’ll be glad because these crab tongs from the brand- Eagle Claw has both in one place.

With a 12-inch length and solid construction, it’ll ensure most work easily. So, let’s begin with the features-

Highlighted Features

As we’ve spoken about the length of this product, let’s begin proceedings with it. So, yes, it comes with a 12-inch length. But, a thing to notice is that it has the smallest length on this list.

Now, does it matter? Well, technically yes, reaching larger buckets will be a bit of a hassle with these tongs. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with these tongs.

In fact, it’ll serve the purpose of keeping the crabs away from your fingers. But, when it comes to a head-head comparison, you’ll get more benefits with larger-length tongs.

Moving on, the tongs are made of metal. And, they do follow a durable construction. As a result, damages won’t have much effect on them. And, you’ll be well assured about the longevity.

Other than that, these tongs work really well with plastic blue crabs. This is because they have a tighter hook at the top. So, it’ll securely hold the crabs in place.

Apart from the length of these tongs, there’s another thing to consider before buying them. And that’s the rust factor of these tongs. As they’re made of metal, they’ll rust over time.

So, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Or, you can go ahead and provide a vinyl coating over them. That said, providing an additional coating would be a hard task and can be expensive as well.

To summarize, these tongs work really well. And, they’ll serve the purpose at all times. But, there are some additional considerations with them. So, if the other features have impressed you then go ahead at buy this product.

4. SouthBend CTG-1 Crab Tongs

SouthBend CTG-1 Crab Tongs

Product Description

Bringing in a budget option for you from the brand- South Bend. Now, it’s understandable that length and construction are quite important for crab tongs. But, budget is a key factor too.

So, if you’re looking for something on a budget then you’ll love this one. But, there are other features left as well. With that said, let’s begin looking at them-

Highlighted Features

Now, just because this product is on a budget, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of cheap materials. In fact, it’s made of metal and has a longer length of 15”.

And, yes, the longer length makes it easier to grip and catch the crabs. Plus, it’ll keep the crabs away from your fingers always. Besides, having a longer length means you can grip the crabs from deeper pots easily.

As the product is made out of metal, it’ll resist damage efficiently. So, you can be confident about longevity as well. Just keep an eye out for rusting and corrosion of these bad boys.

In the end, these tongs are durable enough and will keep the crabs away from your fingers. And, you can easily grip the crabs from the nets due to their longer length.

So, yes, this durable option can definitely be a worthy option.

5. Liyes Crab Tongs

Liyes Crab Tongs

Product Description

We’re down to the last crab tongs of this list. And, this product is from the brand- Lies. And, the best part about this product is the long 15-inch length and steel construction.

But, there’s more. So, let’s begin with the rest of the features-

Highlighted Features

So, first off, this product is made from a stainless-steel material. Now, this automatically increases the toughness and durability of the product. Plus, it even contributes to longevity as well.

As if that’s not enough, the manufacturers have added ABS materials in the construction as well. Now, this takes the longevity and toughness of the tongs to another level.

So, the tongs provide toughness and durability all the time. On the other hand, when it comes to handling the crabs, the tongs make life easier too.

But, why?

Well, the design of the tongs makes it easier at catching the crabs. Here, the grooved tips help at securely grabbing the crabs. So, you won’t injure them and also keep them away from your fingers.

Other than that, the tongs don’t work with crabs only. You can even use them to lift cheese, turn fish and crabs, and even cook vegetables. So, the product does have multiple uses it.

Moving on, the tongs are all about safe use and secure handling. Here, the steel rivets hold live crabs quite easily.

And, the tongs come with silicone tips. This means it’ll protect the hands and also not injure the crabs. Moreover, the tips are heat-resistant and are completely BPA-free.

In the end, the silicone tips will work well on griller and cookware as they won’t damage or scratch them, by any means.

To summarize, these crab tongs provide a lot of benefits. Plus, it ensures that your fingers and crabs are safe all the time. And, the notable features just make life a tad bit easier.

Crab Tongs Buying Guide

Crab Tongs Buying Guide

As you’re done finishing the review section of this guide, things might seem straightforward enough. However, things can go south real soon. But, how?

Well, if you don’t know what to look for then prioritizing the best product can be difficult. This will eventually cause you to be confused at the time of buying the product.

And, we don’t want that to happen. So, we’ve put on our research hat once again. Finally, we’re able to bring out some common yet important considerations to focus on.

In order to buy the best tongs, you’ll need to prioritize your favorite features. So, let’s check out this buying guide where we have answers to all of your questions-

Materials & Construction

By now, we’ve highlighted 2 types of materials in the review section. However, when you’ll search about crab tongs in the market, you’ll find plastic options as well.

So, if we go to a head-head comparison between all the materials, you’ll know which one to go for. Generally, people love steel and metal tongs. This is because they’re tough and durable enough.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about their longevity as they’ll resist most damages. However, there are things to consider about these two options.

First off, they’re a bit heavy. Now, this added weight will go unnoticed when you’re using them. But, if you’re using them for an extended period, you’ll feel the difference right away.

Then again, the weight can never be a drawback for steel and metal tongs. Rather, the added weight provides a sense of responsibility at times.

Secondly, these options can corrode easily. As if that’s not enough, they can even catch rusts. So, it’s better if these materials are coated with vinyl. Otherwise, they’ll corrode easily in saltwater.

If you can ensure this coating on the steel and metal tongs, you’ll be good to go.

On the other hand, there is a plastic option as well. And, the best part about plastic tongs is that you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion in them.

However, they aren’t durable enough. So, they can break easily or get damaged.

Size & Length

The length and size of the tongs are important. The larger the length, the better, right? Even though that’s true in some cases, there’s a thing to focus on.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide the exact process of catching the crabs. Based on the entire hunting process, you’ll need to decide the size of tongs.

crab tongs size & length

Normally, these tongs start from 8-20 inches. Now, the length will solely depend on your way of catching these crabs, in the first place.

So, if you’re planning to grab these creatures from a deeper bucket then go for a larger length. Whereas, go for the smaller ones if you’re just holding them to cook in a pot.


Yes, the budget can be an important thing to consider. Depending on the budget, you’ll need to choose the tongs accordingly. Some options cost a lot.

Even though the expensive options provide a bit more, not all of them maintain the quality. On the other hand, there are affordable options in the market that’ll provide great quality.

So, you’ll need to set the budget before buying these tools.

Type of Hook

Hook type mainly depends on how you want to catch your crabs. Many people prefer circular hooks when catching crabs. But, why?

Well, these hooks make it easy at gripping the belly of the crab. So, it’ll ensure that you have a secure grip all the time.

On the other hand, grooved tips help at providing an overall secure grip from any angle. So, it comes down to your preference on how you want to grip the crabs.

Grip Factor

It hurts! Yes, we’re talking about the time when you slip out the tools you’re using. Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a slippery condition or not- you can’t drop these tongs.

This is because the crabs will get out of your reach if you drop these tongs. So, it’s more than essential that you invest in a product with a better grip.

Hence, go for the slip-resistant handles. These options will make it easy to grip the overall product. Most importantly, it’ll ensure a secure grip all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the exact time to leave crab traps to sit inside the water?

Answer: It’s better to leave crab traps for around 6-8 hours inside the water. This is because the crabs will attach to one another when the bait is done. So, it’s better you pull the traps out of the water before that time.

Question: Which season would be the best one for catching crabs?

Answer: From the period of late spring, it’s better to start catching crabs. And, this period will continue up to early summer. After that, you can start catching crabs again from later summer until the early fall.

Question: Is it better to kill a crab before actually cooking it?

Answer: Yes, you should kill a crab before cooking it. Otherwise, the crab might shred off limbs due to shock. Plus, it’s inhumane to boil crabs alive. And, it’ll cause the flesh to be hard as well.

Question: What is the best process of storing crabs overnight?

Answer: Keeping crabs inside a moist, stress-free, and cool environment is an ideal thing to do. This will also cause them to be alive most of the time. So, place them inside a cooler basket covered by ice packs.

Question: Can you store crabs inside a fridge?

Answer: Yes, you can store them inside a fridge. However, they’ll last only for 3 days inside the fridge.

Final Word

Well, that brings us to the end of the guide! Congratulations on finishing it! Now, you can go ahead and purchase the best crab tongs for yourself.

And, if you want to take our advice then we’ll say all of them would impress you. However, check out their individual features in order to know what’s best for you.

Also, do provide your feedback in the comment section. We’d love to check up on you. That’s it, goodbye!

Best Crab Pots & Traps For A Secure, Perfect Catch

best crab pots

If you haven’t waited for the perfect catch after you’ve left your crab pot in the water for hours then you won’t realize the pain! But, what makes it so difficult at catching these little creatures?

Even though these creatures trap themselves in the pots, you’d still need to consider some factors. And, perhaps, choosing the best crab pots will finish half the work.

But, there are options here as well. Should you go for a higher budget? Or, should you settle for durability over the right size? Well, there’s a lot to debate on.

So, to make things easier, we’re here with our review guide. After spending weeks on the overall research, we’ve compiled our best 5 options for you.

And, the buying guide is there too at the end that’ll work at making things a slight easier.

Sounds fun? Then, see it for yourself-

Product Review of The 5 Best Crab Pots & Traps

1. Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap with top Door

Promar TR-555 Crab Trap

Product Description

Introducing the number one product in our list- Promar TR-555 crab trap. And, yes, we’ve crowned this product as our best crab trap for blue crab.

Well, the best part about this trap is the tending door that’ll trap in the crabs and not allow them to go out. So, let’s check out the rest of the features below-

Highlighted Features

Now, first off, the crab pot has a four-way entrance. Yes, you heard me right. The pot allows a 4-way opening inside of it. This means you can lure the crabs inside of it using bait.

However, you won’t have to worry as the doors don’t allow the crabs to escape. That said, the product comes with 2 escape rings in order to allow the smaller crabs to escape. So, you won’t hunt small crabs on the go.

To be precise, the size of the escape rings is 4 ⅜ inches. So, the smaller crabs can escape easily. So, the escape rings and the four-way entrances together ensure that you can catch the right-sized crabs you desire to.

Besides, this product is the largest one we have on the list. So, when it comes to size, you can accommodate a lot of crabs inside. This will just provide an added advantage over the smaller options in the list.

When it comes to durability, the crab pots need to be on a completely different level. This is because these traps have to go through a lot. So, if they’re not durable enough then they would get damaged pretty quickly.

But, you won’t have to worry about the toughness at any time. And, why? Well, the crab trap comes in solid steel construction. So, it adds in toughness and durability.

Moreover, the steel wires have an additional vinyl coating on them. Now, what the coating does is protect the wires from saltwater. Besides, the steel wires themselves will ensure the trap resists physical abuses daily.

Even if that’s not enough, the wire is corrosion-resistant as well. So, it won’t corrode easily and you’ll have an easy time with the crabbing process.

Another impressive feature about this crab pot is that you can fold it flat quite easily. This means you can save up a bit of storage and won’t have to worry about transportation as well.

To summarize, this durable crab pot won’t corrode easily. Plus, it’ll resist damage too. And, the overall benefits within the price make opened-up it a great deal. So, if you’re up for it, go for the buying process.

2. Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

Product Description

We’re back with another product with 4 entrances. Yes, we’re talking about the crab trap from the brand- Danielson. Spoiler alert! This product is termed one of the best blue crab traps out there. So, let’s check out why-

Highlighted Features

First things first, this crab trap comes with 4 entrances. That’s not all, it comes with two rings for escape as well. As a result, you can easily trap the smaller craps because of the added entrances.

But, there’s more to the design of this product. Here, it comes with a folding mechanism similar to the very first product of this list. So, yes, you’ll have an easy time storing and transporting this product. And, why?

Well, the folding design of this product ensures that you can directly fold it down flat. As a result, you’ll have more space and easy storage. Besides this, the design of this product allows easy placement of the bait.

Similar to the first product, this one is a larger crab trap. Now, this means, you can easily trap more crabs inside of it. Moreover, the four entrances will definitely come into your favor by allowing more crabs to come in.

So, this means, you’ll be using this product more on saltwater, right? Well, salt water can cause corrosion. But, you won’t have to worry as this product has a vinyl coating to it.

Yes, the added vinyl coating on the steel wire protects the product from saltwater damage easily. So, it’ll make your life way easier. Besides, the steel construction already makes the product way more durable and tough.

But, then again, this product is the most expensive one on the list. But, we do believe it’s a worthy investment. This is because you’ll get a lot out of it.

3. SOUTH BEND Hurricane F210 Hr Crab Trap

SOUTH BEND Hurricane F210 Hr Crab Trap

Product Description

Presenting the 2nd best budget product in this list. Say hello to another durable product from the brand- South Bend.

The F210 Crab trap works perfectly as the best crab trap bait. Plus, it works excellent in any condition due to the high-quality materials and solid construction.

So, let’s check out what the product has to offer-

Highlighted Features

First things first, let’s focus on what makes the product different from others. And yes, that’s the solid construction of the product. Here, the product is made out of solid metal.

So, yes, the product will be tougher and more durable compared to other traps in the market. Besides, the solid construction allows this crab pot kit to resist damage daily.

Speaking of resisting, there are added coatings on top of the crab pot. Here, the rust-resistant coatings ensure that the kit won’t be damaged in saltwater. So, the trap is perfect in most conditions.

Now, let’s talk about the design of this product. The trap comes in a tighter weaved design. As a result, the product is much stronger compared to the opened-up ones in the market.

Plus, the tight design doesn’t make room for any openings whatsoever. Apart from this, you’ll need to assemble this trap as it won’t come pre-assembled.

But, the instructions are easy and clear. So, the crab pot setup won’t be a problem.

In the end, this decent-sized crab trap will be enough to accommodate a large number of crabs. Plus, the durable materials will ensure you can use this trap for a long time.

Also, the affordable price brings a lot of benefits to the table. So, give this product a chance if you think it’ll meet all of your hunting needs.



Product Description

Bringing in another one of the best crab traps on our list- AncBace crab trap. Now, the unique opened design is the main selling point of this product. Other than that, there’s more to focus on. So, let’s begin-

Highlighted Features

As we’ve just mentioned about the design of this product, let’s talk about it. Yes, it comes with a unique open-up design. Now, the benefit of having this design is that you can quickly pour the crabs out.

At times, the captured prey gets injured every time you go on to release it. This mainly occurs due to the stiff design. And, when you bash these traps against boxes, the crabs inside get injured.

However, that won’t happen here as the design is more open up. So, you just open up the fastener of the product and directly release the grabs without causing any sudden injuries.

Now, let’s focus on the construction and materials of this product. Well, it comes with a durable steel wire and polyethylene mesh. As a result of this, durability will never be an issue.

On the other hand, the trap is easier to use as well. But, how? Well, just add in the bait inside the box or the smaller mesh bag. Then, attach it to the rope inside the cage’s middle. After this, throw it out into the water. That’s it, you won’t require anything more.

Just keep the trap inside the water and take the thing out when needed. Then, you’ll be left with your prey which you can pour out even easier.

Apart from the easy usability, the product is more convenient to use as well. Here, it comes with a backpack. So, you won’t lose your items here and there as you can accumulate them together.

Lastly, you can fold it up similar to the 1st two products in this list. By this, you can easily create spaces for storage and have an easy time transporting this trap.

5. FJ Neil 225-CT Snap Trap Crab Trap

FJ Neil 225-CT Crab Trap

Product Description

Behold the best budget product on the list- FJ Neil 225-CT Crab Trap. But, heads up! This is the smallest crab trap on the list. However, it offers a great deal for the price.

That said, let’s check out the crab trap review below-

Highlighted Features

Even though the trap comes at a lower price, it still offers steel construction. As a result, the toughness and durability are right up there.

But then again, it doesn’t have any added coatings on it like the top products of this list. So, it’s suitable for freshwater only.

Now, let’s take a look at how the trap works. Well, the top of this trap doesn’t come off. But, you can always open the doors from the sides of this trap.

And, the closing mechanism of the trap is even easier as well. Here, you’ll just have to pull the ropes and the doors will close on their own.

Moving on, this crabbing pot is foldable. So, even though this product is termed as one of the cheap crab pots out there, it’ll still provide this feature.

And, the benefit of having foldable crab traps is that you can lay them flat on the floor. As a result, you can save space easily. However, you’ll need to keep them unfolded to clean them.

Speaking of cleaning them, you can easily spray them with soap water. Next, run clean water over them and you’ll be good to go.

As the trap comes at a smaller size, it weighs less as well. But, the size of the trap will be a drawback if you’re looking for a bigger option. So, definitely give it a thought before buying it.

Crab Pots Buying Guide

best crab nets

It’s not easy, is it? Well, going through this many little features and key information is no joke. But, that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you hanging. So, if the review section hasn’t cleared up the confusion, this info part will help out.

And, what is it actually? Well, the buying guide will consist of the important considerations you’ll need to make before choosing the best product. So, start taking notes as this factor will help you prioritize-

Size of The Crabs Itself

Size Matters!

But, we’re talking about the size of the crabs here. And, does it really matter? Well, yes, the crab pot itself will depend on what type and size of the crabs you’re intending to catch.

So, when it comes to the smaller crabs, you can go for a smaller pot. However, if you’re looking to capture a Dungeness crab or a blue crab, go for a slightly larger option.

In the end, it’ll depend on what crab you’re getting for yourself. So, choose accordingly.


Crabs settle lower to the ground of the waterbody. So, you’ll need to decide the location beforehand. Here, if you’re going for salt waters then choose a crab pot that’ll hold itself well enough at that depth.

Also, you can attach additional weights to the lighter crab pots. By doing this, you won’t lose them.

Durability & Toughness

Now, this is one of the most important considerations for a crab pot or for the best crab nets. This is because the pots have to deal with a lot of abuse as they’re pulled out of the water bodies.

crab trap review

So, they need to have a larger-sized durable construction. By having solid construction, they won’t get damaged easily.

Thus, you’ll need to choose the ones that have steel or metal constructions. Also, some pots have added coatings on them that provide further durability. And, you can easily choose some for yourself. 

Foldable Option

The options that we’ve shown in the list are foldable ones. But, you’ll find unfolded options in the market as well. Well, the folded options make it easier for storing these traps when you’re not using them.

Also, it makes it easy at transporting them too. This is because you can just lay them flat on the floor without any issue.

Entrances & Escape Rings

Yes, crab pots have entrances and escape rings on them. But, what do these two features do? Well, they allow the crabs to enter and escape from the pots.

When a crab takes the bait, it’ll enter the pot using the entrance. Now, a crab can’t escape once it enters. So, the entrances need to be durable enough.

And, the more entrances, the better it’ll be at allowing crabs to enter. On the other hand, the escape rings allow the smaller crabs to go out of the pot. Here, the escape ring ensures that you’ll get the right-sized crab you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is crab pot worth the investment?

Answer: Yes, crab pots are worth it. This is because, if you get the hunting process right, you’ll have sashimi and crabs for days.

2. Which bait is the best in crab pots?

Answer: When it comes to baits in crab pots, you can put chicken, clams, and turkey. However, make sure that the bait you serve is fresh. As long as the crabs get to the baits, you’re good to go.

3. How much does a crab pot cost?

Answer: Well, it depends on the size mainly. Smaller ones cost around $10-$100. Whereas, the larger-sized ones can go from $100-$500.

4. What is the best crabbing season?

Answer: Generally, the best crabbing season takes place at the time of slack tide. This time usually happens 2 hours before the high tide and will last until 2 hours after. At this time, the moving water brings in the most number of crabs.

5. When is the best time for crabbing?

Answer: Blue crabs remain active at night. So, it’s better you start the crabbing process after daylight. Nighttime is the best to catch these creatures.

Final Words

It’s been a pleasure! But, this is the end. Hopefully, things have been clear and you’re now left with the best crab traps in the market.

And, if the choosing process is tough among the best 5, check out the buying guide. That’ll help to clear out most of the confusion, we believe.

But, if you still think you’ll need more clarifications about anything, comment in the section below. We’d love to catch up! Till then, take care. Goodbye!

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Best Crawfish Cookers & Boilers Reviews in 2021

Best Crawfish Cookers

Do you remember that one backyard party you attended at your friend’s place where you loved gorging on tasty crawfish? The strong flavor and the savory taste of this seafood might have left you craving for more! You’re probably drooling over the sheer thought of eating those little crustaceans again!

Well, you can easily satiate your taste buds by cooking incredibly delicious dishes with crawfish right in your backyard. All you have to do is buy yourself the best crawfish cooker to get cooking!

Finding the right equipment can be a bit tricky. But there is nothing to worry about as our reviews and buying guide will make the process a whole lot simpler.

5 Best Crawfish Cooker Reviews

Here is our recommended list of the most effective crawfish cookers that are perfect for cooking delicious dishes!

1. GasOne 200,000 BTU Outdoor Stove Gas Cooker

GasOne 200 Propane Gas Cooker

GasOne is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. It produces top-grade products, and this crawfish burner comes complete with all the features needed for cooking crustaceans perfectly! Offering high heat output, durability, and portability, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This is a heavy-duty cooker built with a sturdy metal frame and sits on four durable legs. Weighing only 27.5 pounds, you will have no trouble carrying it around. From backyard parties to camping trips, it’s portable enough for every outdoor setting.

Equipped with a robust cast iron burner, this thing delivers superb heat output without getting damaged by high temperatures. It’s capable of reaching up to 200,000 BTU! That’s more than enough heat for efficiently cooking seafood like crawfish, lobsters, crabs, etc.

Furthermore, this appliance allows you to adjust the heat output using a 0-20 psi adjustable regulator. As a result, you get complete control over fuel combustion.

Thanks to the O-ring on the regulator, you will never have to worry about gas leakage! The steel braided hose makes it astoundingly safe to use. Considering all the quality and features it offers, this small powerhouse is the best crawfish burner in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Remarkably durable thanks to the metal frame and cast-iron burner
  • Generates up to 200,000 BTU of heat for offering faster cooking
  • Surprisingly lightweight and portable
  • Offers safe and secure cooking with the help of O-ring on the regulator
  • Gives complete control over gas and the flow of pressure

2. Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel

If you’ve used any of Bayou Classic cookware, then you already know how great they are! This 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer is considered to be the best outdoor cooker for plenty of good reasons. It makes frying and cooking fishes a breezy job, allowing you to get the food ready without hassle!

This seafood cooker boasts sturdy construction as it’s built with high-quality steel to withstand high temperatures. It’s guaranteed to be your favorite outdoor cooking equipment for many years!

Offering higher heating output, this thing will make quick work of the crawfish. It can fry and cook within a very short time for all the guests at your party. Thanks to the special V-bottom design, the oil in the bottom stays cooler and, therefore, cleaner!

With the stainless-steel baskets, you will enjoy both frying and boiling. They come with cool touch handles, so you won’t have to worry about burning your hands.

You will be able to monitor the temperature just by looking at the accurate temperature gauge. When you’re done cooking, the drain valve and hose will allow you to collect all the oil with ease. It doesn’t get all that loud, producing the same amount of noise as a jet cooker.

All in all, this is a fast and hassle-free cooker designed for delivering outstanding results!

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of stainless steel for offering durability
  • Suitable for both cooking and frying
  • Produces a lot of heat to offer faster cooking
  • Safe to use thanks to the cool touch handles

3. Backyard Pro Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit/Steamer Kit

Backyard Pro Propane Outdoor Cooking

The Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Aluminum Fryer/Steamer is a stellar crawfish boiler that’s powerful enough for cooking a wide range of dishes. From heat output to durability, everything about it is top-notch! You won’t be disappointed if you buy it for personal cooking or outdoor parties.

Let’s start with the heat generation of this unit. It can easily offer up to 55,000 BTU of heat aided by the strong cast-iron burner. So, you will get enough temperature to make your crawfish ready for eating in no time!

In addition to the burner, this thing comes complete with other tools like a steamer basket, accessory pot, aluminum pot, etc. They will come in handy during cooking. So, you won’t have to look elsewhere for the extra tools.

You will also find a thermometer, a sauce syringe, and a turkey hanger which will help you to make the meals even tastier! This unit is fairly easy to clean, making it very convenient to use. Moreover, it takes barely any time to assemble as it’s pretty straightforward.

Considering all the stunning aspects of this cooking equipment and its extensive versatility, it can be considered the best crab steamer! 

Highlighted Features:

  • Takes only a couple of minutes to assemble
  • Offers a lot of heat for quickly preparing the food
  • Comes complete with all the necessary tools
  • Designed to be remarkably easy to clean
  • Suitable for a wide range of dishes

4. Concord Deluxe Banjo 200,000 BTU Portable Outdoor Stove

Concord Deluxe Propane Burner Camping Cooking

The Concord Deluxe Banjo is fitted with all the features needed for meeting the demand of outdoor parties. It will allow you to prepare the most delicious dishes with crawfish to satisfy all your guests’ cravings, earning you the title of the best party host!

With 32 pounds of weight and detachable legs, you will find it super easy to move around or store. It can support up to 400 pounds so you can feel free to place a big crawfish pot on it. As a result, this thing will allow you to cook enough food to serve everyone.

Thanks to the extra wide 10” burner head, it ensures even distribution of the flame to wider cookware. As this unit is capable of delivering up to 200,000 BTU of heat, cooking crawfish, lobsters, or other similar foods will seem faster, and more efficient.

You can adjust the heat output to get clean blue flames that won’t create black marks on your precious cookware. This product sports durable construction as it’s made of cast-iron and features weatherproof coating. So, you can count on it to last a long time!

As you can see, this equipment has the characteristics to be considered the best crawfish boiler.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to be easy to carry and store
  • Burns clean flames and offers even heat distribution
  • Cooks faster and more efficiently with 200,000 BTU of maximum heat
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime 

5. Barton Deluxe 30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer

Barton Deluxe Gas Stove Burner

The availability of crawfish boilers like the Barton Deluxe makes lives easier for those who love munching on seafood. That’s because it’s an impressive appliance designed for effectively frying and boiling all kinds of delicacies. It will make your outdoor parties livelier with the promise of great food!

Boasting a high-pressure burner with a 200,000 BTU rating, you will have enough heat at your disposal to cook anything you want quickly. This crawfish boiler kit comes equipped with a convenient pot for all your steaming and boiling needs in addition to the basket for frying.

With the help of a long probe thermometer, you will be able to monitor the temperature easily. Furthermore, the marinade injector will be useful for adding flavors and seasoning. It even comes with a poultry rack for holding turkeys and other birds in place.

Thanks to the solid aluminum frame, this one is incredibly durable. The sturdy steel stand is strong enough to withstand a lot of weight with ease. You will have no reason to be afraid of spilling the boiling hot food because the stand will hold the pot securely.

You can call this unit the best propane boiler as it burns fuel efficiently. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Built sturdily with high-quality aluminum
  • Comes with a high heat output rating of 200,000 BTU
  • Boasts an accurate thermometer that helps in achieving desired temperature
  • Sports a compact and lightweight design for offering portability

Crawfish Cooker Buying Guide

crawfish cooker

When you enter the market for buying the best crawfish cooker, you will be presented with tons of options to choose from. You might even get overwhelmed. But if you know the key factors to consider, it won’t seem all that difficult of a task. You will be able to identify the most suitable product quickly.

Build Quality

A crawfish boiler kit has to come with superior build quality if you want it to be long-lasting. It must be strong enough to withstand high temperatures for an extended period. Otherwise, you will end up having to invest in a new piece of equipment before you get your money’s worth.

Crawfish cookers are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum material. Stainless steel products are sturdier, and they’re likely to last longer than aluminum. But they are also heavier.

The ones made with aluminum tend to be cheaper and more lightweight. They offer plenty of durability but they don’t last as long as stainless steel for obvious reasons.

Your preferred cooker should come with a sturdy stand for handling a lot of weight. It’s important if you want to cook a lot of food at once.

Pot Capacity

The capacity of the crawfish cooking pots should be one of the major concerns when shopping for crawfish cookers. That’s because you want a pot that’s large enough for all your family members and friends you’re going to invite to your backyard parties!

Figure out how many people you’ll be cooking for in the future to find out the capacity you need. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. Pot capacity is measured in quarts of water. As a rule of thumb, you should go for one that offers twice as many quarts of capacity as the sack of crawfish you’re planning to cook.

For example, if you want to cook 15 pounds of crawfish, opt for 30 quarts of pot capacity.

Burner Quality 

The quality of the burner is of utmost importance because if it’s not powerful enough, you won’t be able to get the job done. Crawfish require high heat output to be cooked. So, you must check the burner quality before purchasing.

You need to get a burner that provides at least 54,000 BTU of heat output. Anything less than that would be too cold for crawfish. Some are capable of offering up to 200,000 BTU of heat. You’ll be able to cook faster if the burner offers higher output. But they tend to be more expensive as well.

Additionally, the burner should be sturdy and large enough to be suitable for all your cooking needs.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Your crawfish cooker should be designed to be easy to use. It should be lightweight so that you can move it around without any trouble. You will enjoy using the equipment if it comes with comfortable handles as it will allow you to lift the pots with ease. Cookers with detachable legs are better as they’re easier to store.


The crawfish cooker should offer a lot of stability if you want to cook your food perfectly. It must come with a flat and even surface to prevent the pot from moving or sliding. Moreover, it should be able to distribute the heat on your cookware evenly. Otherwise, the cooking won’t be flawless.


It’s always nice to have something that allows you to do more than it was intended for. The same goes for crawfish cookers. So, your preferred appliance should offer a lot of versatility. It should come with a burner, boiler, fryer if you want the most versatility.

That way, you won’t just be boiling seafood with your crawfish cooker; you will also be cooking chicken, fish, turkey, vegetables, and more! Won’t that be convenient?


Crawfish cookers are usually not that expensive. You can get your hands on a high-quality product for a relatively low price. However, the prices vary from one model to another. You would have to pay a bit more to get a model with better durability, higher heat output, and greater capacity.

All of the products we’ve reviewed are priced reasonably. They will offer the most bang for your bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a turkey cooker as a crawfish cooker?

If the turkey cooker comes with enough versatility, then you should be able to use it as a crawfish cooker. It should allow you to quickly boil the crustaceans as long as the heat output is high enough.

2. How many BTUs do I need for cooking crawfish?

At least 54,000 BTU of heat output is needed for cooking crawfish perfectly. Avoid any cooker that cannot reach that much BTUs of heat because it will be completely useless for crawfish.

3. How long does it usually take to steam a pound of crawfish?

Well, that actually depends on the heating output. In general, your crawfish cooker should be able to boil any crawfish within 15 to 20 minutes. It will take another 15 minutes before your food is ready for eating.

4. How can I tell if the crawfish are done cooking?

You can tell that by testing the crawfish in regular intervals of 5 minutes. If you find the tail meat to be all rubbery and chewy, then it’s not ready yet. Overcooking makes the fish mushy and then everything starts to fall off.

5. How much crawfish does an average person eat?

On average, a person eats 3 pounds of crawfish. However, some crawfish lovers with bigger appetites can eat up to 6 pounds without any problem in a single sitting! You should take them into consideration if you don’t want to be embarrassed after throwing a backyard party.

Final Words

There you have it, folks! These are the most suitable crawfish cookers you can find on the market. Any seafood enthusiast will love them as they make the cooking process much easier.

Finding the best crawfish cooker should be an easy job now that you’ve read our extensive reviews and buying guide.

If you’re still on the fence, then perhaps the GasOne 200,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Cooker can be the perfect solution for you. It comes from a reputed brand with superior features and quality. You will be able to cook a lot of different dishes with it, in addition to crawfish.

The Bayou Classic 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer is another impressive cooking equipment that you can rely on for preparing delicious crawfish dishes. It’s simple to use but offers fantastic results!

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Packing Up Your House? Read These 9 Tips on How to Move a Fish Tank

How to Move a Fish Tank

Moving an aquarium might seem like an easy task: remove the fish and dump out all the water. But, the reality is that tank fish are incredibly sensitive to environmental changes.

Plus, the tanks themselves are large and usually incredibly breakable. As such, if you are not careful during the moving process, then you can quickly kill your beloved fish or break their tank during transit.

Luckily, in this article, we provide you with everything you need to know about how to move a fish tank (and your fish) safely so if you want to find out how then keep on reading.

What Are the Signs of a Cloudy Fish Tank?

Signs of a Cloudy Fish Tank

The first thing is first, let us make sure that your fish are safe and comfortable for the move before we move on to the fish tank itself. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your fish alive and healthy during the move.

Gradually Add Clean Water

Five days before the move, you will want to gradually start adding clean water to the tank and replacing the dirty water

A good rule of thumb is adding twenty percent of new fresh water each day before the move. This way, you will not overwhelm your fish and shock them with new PH levels. 

Do Not Feed Your Fish Before the Move

Around two days before the move, you will want to stop feeding your fish. Why stop feeding your fish? You want the water as clean as possible for your fish when you transport them. 

When you feed them, you get both food debris in the water and fish excrement. But do not worry about starving them. A well-fed tank fish can usually survive for up to one week without food. 

Transfer Your Fish Properly

You will use a clear plastic bag when transporting your fish. For smaller fish, you can use a low net for getting them into the container.

Make sure you fill the bag with one-third of water and two-thirds of air. Once your fish is secure, then tie up the bag and secure it with a rubber band. 

Also, never blow into the bag to inflate it — this will kill your fish. Also, this method only works if you move somewhere that is around one hour away.

For longer trips and more abundant fish, you will need a bag half filled with pure oxygen, or a battery powered air pump. 

You can get pure oxygen at a pet store for a small price. When filling a bag with pure oxygen, make sure the ration is one part water to one part pure oxygen.

Also, we recommend using two pockets for each fish. This precaution will help prevent things like punctures or spills. 

How to Properly Pack Up a Fish Tank for Transportation?

Properly Pack Up a Fish Tank for Transportation

Now that we know the proper way of securing your fish for transport we can move on to how to move the fish tank itself. Touching a fish tank is difficult because you cannot move an aquarium with water in it unless it to a different room of the house. 

What makes it more difficult is the fact that you must keep the water that remains in the tank. Your fish spent a long time getting used to the water in their tank, and you cannot simply fill it up with new water. 

The change in pH levels will shock and kill them. As such, you must transport the water in addition to the fish themselves. You can move the fish either in buckets or in bags. 

1. Prepare the Equipment and the Location for Your Tank

The first thing is first: gather together all the equipment you will need for transporting the fish. For safely transporting you first we recommend getting three five-gallon buckets with lids (more if you aquariums is larger). 

You will also need a net for the fish, a siphon hose, boxes with thick —preferably waterproof — walls, packing paper, and bubble wrap. You want to minimize the amount of time your fish spends outside of their tank. 

As such, moving the fish tank will be the last thing you do before you leave and the first thing you set up once you get to you know home.

It helps speed the process if you can scout out the new address beforehand and find an ideal spot for the fish tank. 

Remember to look for a spot that comes with good access to electric outlets, proper space and protection from direct sunlight. 

2. Drain the Tank

Using your siphon hose, begin draining the water from the aquarium into the five-gallon buckets. Do not fill the buckets up all the way — leave around three inches of headspace.

Otherwise, the buckets will splash around and potentially spill when you pick them up, or they move around in the car. 

3. Move the Fish

Before the tank is empty, use your net to transfer the fish into the buckets or clear plastic bags. You catch the fish by gently scooping them in the net and then quickly, but carefully, moving them from the tank to the carrying container. 

You can keep multiple fish in a bucket, but more than three and you will need to split them up.

Also, try and prevent any large fish in buckets of their own, or you risk overcrowding them. Once you move the fish count them to make sure everyone made it to the bucket and remain alright from the brief move.

how to move a fish tank short distance

4. Remove the Rest of the Water and Any Objects

Now that the fish are out of the tank, you can siphon out the rest of the water using the hose. You do not need to keep all of it — just most of it.

Next, take out any objects from the tank including decorations, pumps, heating units and anything else that might fall off during the move you. 

Will also want to remove any sand or gravel in the fish tank. However, do not throw it away — put it in a separate carrying case and reuse it once you get to your new home. 

5. Prepare the Tank for Transport

Once your fish tanks are thoroughly dried, cover the entire thing in bubble wrap and secure it using duct tape. 

Then move it into the car, van or driving trucks. If your aquariums are too large for two people to carry, then make sure you get some extra help when moving it. 

Place the buckets and tank in the moving vehicle. Make sure you do not put anything substantial on top of them and keep them as flat and leveled as possible. 

6. Set Up the Tank

Once you get to the new address, immediately set up your fish tank up in the new location. Make sure the service you place it on remains secure and level.

Then fill the tank up with gravel or sand and put the decorations and equipment like light, filtration system and similar pumps in the location you want them. 

Then fill the tank with one of the buckets that contain the original water and fish. Once you add that bucket then release the fish by untying the bag in the pool or with a net if you used a bucket.

Fill the tank up with the remaining water you brought in the buckets. After you finish this step, you can fill up the rest of the tank with tap water as long as it comes with no trace amounts of chlorine in it.

After you finish this step, then let you fish sit for a few hours before turning on any heating devices. This step will give them time to acclimate to their new environment.

Why You Should Care About Properly Packing Up Your Fish Tank for a Move?

Aquariums, primarily more substantial and higher quality models, are usually quite expensive. Glass can sometimes be a nightmare to move, and if you do not take the proper precautions, then you crack or shatter it during the transport. 

So, from a purely financial perspective, it behooves you to ensure that you pack up the fish tank properly.

However, finances aside, improper handling and preparing of a fish take can potentially kill you fish. A buildup of bacteria, dust and new water can provide conditions which stress out and kill your fish. 

When you combine this with difficulty involved in transporting the fish themselves, the likelihood that they could die becomes even more compounded. For many people, fish are just as crucial to the family as a cat or dog. 

As such, you want to make sure you treat them and their environment with the utmost respect and caution.

We hope this article taught you everything you need to know about how to move a fish tank. If the process seems complicated, then that is because it is. 

Fish and their tanks are not things that transport through long moves quickly. The most natural solution is to make sure you will not move anytime soon once you get a fish.

However, if you are committed enough, then it can work. It merely involves following these steps carefully.

Good luck during your move!