Best Food for Guppies in the Market

Best Food for Guppies

Guppies are popular pets because they’re simple and hardy fish with bright and beautiful colors. Guppies are great in communities and are often added to already existing aquarium communities.

As with any animal, you will wonder what kind of food for guppies you should buy. There are dozens of brands out there, and it’s essential to learn specifics about brands before you pick one for your fish.

How We Reviewed Food for Guppies

Some people say they’re “just fish,” but true animal lovers know these fish are just as important as any other pet. We understand that choosing the diet and food for guppies is important to maintaining a healthy and thriving fish tank.

The following foods were reviewed based on features, such as color vibrancy, nutrition, vitamins, and other important factors.

What We Reviewed

  • TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced
  • Omega One Super Color
  • New Life International Spectrum
  • API Flakes
  • Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food
  • Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy Food
  • Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Blood Worms
  • Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp

1. TetraMin Nutritio​​​​nally Balanced

TetraMin Nutritio​​​​​nally Balanced


TetraMin recently upgraded its formula, and this nutritionally balanced diet is made for active fish and includes Omega-3 acids which is why it’s great for guppies. Included is also a blend of proteins to help promote growth, health, and colorful scales. This formula won’t cloud the water.


  • Omega-3 acids
  • Proteins
  • Won’t cloud water


  • Previous formula is not as powerful

2. Omega One Su​​per Color

Omega One Super Color Flakes


This formula does exactly what it sounds like: it keeps your fish’s color bright and vibrant. This formula also prevents clouding and has no pre-processed proteins which is better for your fish’s digestion.


  • Keeps your fish vibrant
  • Prevents clouding


  • Is pricey

3. New Life International Spectrum

New Life International Spectrum


This formula gives your fish tons of energy to play and swim around. It is packed with 50 percent protein, so it is ideal for smaller fish that are more active than other species. This food also does not cloud the water and contains particles of seaweed, kelp, fruits, and veggies.


  • 50 percent protein
  • Will give your fish a lot of energy
  • Fresh ingredients


  • Unavailable on Amazon

4. API Flakes



Since tropical fish like guppies need a balanced formula, API flakes for tropical fish is perfect. High on the ingredient list is spirulina, which is nutritional and makes your fish look vibrant and healthy.

The flakes are small and easy to digest, so you will encounter fewer issues with toxic ammonia.


  • Has spirulina
  • Easy to digest


  • Small bottle is pricier than other brands

5. Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake Fish Food


This food is filled with spirulina, which is rich in raw protein. This is great for everyday feeding for both fresh and saltwater fish—and even encourages breeding since it stimulates hatching rates.

This food is easy to digest, so you can avoid toxic ammonia in the water. There are also 7 crucial vitamins, such as vitamins A, Bs, C, and E.


  • Encourages hatching rates
  • Rich with raw protein and vitamins
  • Is for many types of fish


  • Is expensive

6. Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy Food

Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy Food


This formula is specifically aimed for those who want to improve their guppy’s breeding, growth, and resistance against diseases.

The pellet goes soft when it hits the water and is a natural color enhancer for your vibrant and beautiful fish. However, you must remove any excess food to prevent clouding.


  • Great for breeding
  • Specifically made for helping guppies become resistant
  • Color enhancer


  • Could cloud the tank easily
  • Does not focus on nutritional benefits

7. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Blood Worms

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Blood Worms


What we like best about this product is that the freeze-dried blood worms are fresh and high in protein. The freeze-dried technique helps preserve freshness and the high nutrition of live bloodworms.

This food also is rich with multi-vitamins that help reduce stress, so your guppies will live a long and happy live.


  • The freeze-dried blood worms allow for the utmost nutrition and protein
  • Has anti-stress vitamins


  • May have to remove any excess from the water

8. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp


Much like the freeze-dried bloodworms, this freeze-dried brine shrimp formula is great for nutrition as they pack it with frozen and fresh plankton harvested from the ocean. It also comes with multi-vitamins that help reduce stress for a happy and thriving tank.


  • Filled with nutrition and fresh plankton
  • Multi-vitamins help prevent stress


  • Is actually plankton
  • May have to clean the tank for excess food

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to start? Here’s where to learn more about food for guppies, what types there are, and where to find it.

1. What Is Food for Guppies?

Food for your fish is a vital part of taking care of your guppy, especially with guppy-specific food. Food for guppies can come in different forms such as pebbles, flakes, or freeze-dried.

2. How Does It Work?

There are dozens of fish food brands on the market today, and the first place to start is figuring out which one is best.

Different brands of food offer different benefits to your guppy, which can vary greatly from focusing on breeding reinforcement, keeping your guppy’s vibrant color, and helping to solve digestion issues.

3. Where Can You Buy It?

Guppy food can be purchased anywhere guppies are sold, like Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores including Amazon or Chewy.

Which Is the Best Food for Guppies?

Based on our extensive research on these 10 popular brands of food for guppies and like tropical fish, we think the Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze-Dried Blood Worms is the best food formula for your guppies.

This is because it is filled with fresh and nutritious blood worms, which is the fish’s natural diet in the wild. You can purchase the freeze-dried blood worms on Amazon, Chewy, or your local pet store.


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