Best Crawfish Traps | Reviews and Comparison-2022

Best Crawfish Traps

One of the most sought-after delicacies across the world happens to be Crawfish. It is a delicious crustacean freshwater fish resembling lobsters. It is a delicacy enjoyed by millions worldwide, from the Americas to the Asia-Pacific region.

Crawfish are found in most bodies of freshwater including flowing rivers, lakes, ponds or even ditches. If you live near a freshwater body and want to catch crawfish by yourself, you’ll need some know-how. That includes knowledge of crawfish habitat, bait and the crawfish trap.

As the name suggests, a crawfish trap is a hybrid mesh trap designed to let crawfish in and trap them. It has two inverted funnel-like structures. The funnel is designed in a way to allow the fish to enter easily, but not let them out.

You won’t be short of options when you’re looking for a crawfish trap. There are a few things you have to know and learn before buying the best crawfish trap for your own needs.

Best Crawfish Traps in The Market

When you’re gonna take a look at different vendors selling crawfish traps, you’ll be spoiled for choice. They come in so many sizes, specifications and price points.

You can choose to make a DIY Crawfish trap with some common materials and some crafting ability. Or you can choose to purchase one from a huge range of products available in the market.

In this article, you will learn about five popular crawfish traps available for sale. You will know their highlighting and distinctive features before making an informed decision.

The five crawfish traps we picked for this article are as follows:

1. Frabill Torpedo Crawfish Trap

Frabill Torpedo Crawfish Trap

Do you want a good crawfish trap for your next fishing trip on the weekend? Something that will make your BBQ even better? You may want something that is not cumbersome or too heavy. Chances are, you want a product from a reputable manufacturer. That adds to the assurance of quality and solid design

The Torpedo Crawfish Trap comes from Frabill, a well-known fishing gear brand. It has a two-piece design, specifically engineered to improve ease of use. The product gets its name from the distinct torpedo shape. This unique shape allows it to weather strong currents and be equally effective in calm water.

This torpedo-shaped trap is built of solid reinforced steel. It has been dipped in black vinyl paint, which makes it more discrete. As a result, this trap provides great camouflage, which is always great.

This trap is quite lightweight, weighing in at only about 1 pound. That makes it very easy to maneuver in all conditions. The dimensions are also quite petite which adds to the ease of use.

The build quality of the product is lauded by most users. They claim it is very solidly built with minimal creaks and bends.

Some users claimed that they faced a minor problem regarding the pods coming off the clasp. The gap at either end can be a little bit, allowing some fish to exit the trap. Most still agree that the trap is very convenient to use and the drawbacks are relatively minor. That is especially true compared to some other products in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy Duty steel mesh build.
  • Unique and advanced two-piece design.
  • Special Torpedo shaped design for operation in strong current or calm water.
  • Comes with a pre-attached clip for tying a rope
  • Black vinyl coated for better camouflage.

2. PuDong Crawfish Trap

PuDong Crawfish Trap

Are you looking to cover a larger area and catch more crawfish at a go? Or maybe you are looking for something foldable and easy to carry around. Well, this crawfish trap from PuDong will suit your needs perfectly!

This trap has a unique eight-faced shape. There are eight inverted netted funnels in this trap. The trap is built out of fishing net material, crafted specifically for fishing needs. The net is then reinforced with 8 solid steel bar brackets, which provide it support.

This particular trap is shaped very much like a folded umbrella. When folded, the net is closely attached to the steel bars, making it very compact. There is a zipper design in the net, allowing easy access to place bait and take out the trapped fish, crabs etc.

For its size, the PuDong trap is also very lightweight. Coming in at roughly 1.7 pounds, when fully opened the trap is around 1 square yard. The lightweight nature and the umbrella-like folding shape make this trap quite simple to move around.

On the other hand, the lightweight nature of this trap can also cause it to move around a lot underwater. Some users reported that strong enough current can flip the trap over. So, this may not be your best choice if you plan to fish where there is a strong current.

Overall, it is still a very solid product you should consider taking a look at if you’re in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Reinforced solid steel bar design.
  • High quality fishing net with zippers for easy access.
  • Eight way design with separate funnels in each side to catch more fish.
  • Foldable design for ease of carrying.
  • Comes attached with 18 feet nylon rope.

3. Drasry Crab and Crawfish Trap

Drasry Crab and Crawfish Trap

Perhaps you prefer a product that is devoid of too many frills. You may want something that is straightforward and simple to use. If you are looking for a simple yet effective Crawfish trap, the Drasry Crawfish trap might just be perfect for your needs.

This trap comes in a sturdy package made of polyethylene mesh and thin steel wire. It has a rather flat cylindrical shape. This trap has similarities to a circular spring cage. Due to the polyethylene mesh, the trap is fully foldable and carry-friendly.

The trap has a double entrance system. There are two inverted funnels at two ends. It has a half-open cover design. That makes the process of removing the fish easier and avoids the risk of being bitten. Placing the bait also becomes much less of a chore.

The Drasry trap is pretty lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds. The lightweight makes it easy to deploy in water. Polyethylene mesh also keeps it stable underwater, despite the lightweight. The frame is designed to withstand strong currents.

Another big advantage of this trap is that getting out the prey that has been trapped requires very little effort. You will be able to easily compress the trap at the bottom and have the fish slide out instantly.

The overall sturdiness and ease of use make this one of the prime picks if you are in the market for a crawfish trap. It is specifically suited to people who are new to this pursuit.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of 0.16” steel wire for added durability.
  • Polyethylene mesh makes it foldable and lightweight.
  • Comparatively large entrances at 5.1 inch diameter. 
  • The covers on both sides are openable.
  • A convenient bait bag helps attract crawfish easily.
  • Helps avoid being bitten by prey due to openable design.

4. JMKCOZ Collapsible Cast Crawfish Trap

JMKCOZ Collapsible Cast Crawfish Trap

Are you looking for an inconspicuous and small trap that will serve your purpose? If you want a compact trap that doesn’t sacrifice reliability and ease of use, look no further than the JMKCOZ collapsible cast crawfish trap.

The JMKCOZ crawfish and crab trap comes in a relatively small package and weighs less than most competitors. The materials used in the construction of this trap are galvanized steel wire coupled with nylon strings.

This product is remarkably light and small, weighing only 800 grams. That is less than even one pound. The petite size and weight do not mean it is any less competent at its job, though. The materials used in construction make it very sturdy.

The product has much-improved waterproofing, thanks to plastic coating over the steel wires. What this means is that the wire will corrode or rustless easily. That adds to the long-term durability of the product.

One of the downsides to keep in mind is that the trap cannot be opened through a flap or zipper. That makes getting out the fish you caught more difficult. While this product folds up easily and happens to be very portable, it is not as convenient to get out the fish.

Due to its lightweight and compact nature, this trap is better suited for calmer waters. While it will work just fine in rivers, strong currents may reduce its efficiency.

Overall, if you value compact size, weight, and a simple design, this is a very viable option.

Highlighted Features

  • Galvanized steel and nylon construction leading to high strength build.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing less than 1 pound.
  • Small dimensions all around for easy transportation.
  • Foldable design allows you to fold it into a small crevice.
  • Two openings on the either side allowing to catch more fish
  • Waterproofing material covering steel mesh wiring.

5. Ieasky Fishing Bait Trap

Ieasky Fishing Bait Trap

Last but not the least, here we have a collapsible fishing bait trap from the brand easily. This product almost exemplifies the term ‘jack of all trades. It brings forth many of the features seen throughout most of the crawfish traps in the market. Most importantly, this product is solid across the board.

This product is pretty lightweight although not the lightest amongst its competitors. It weighs just over 1.5 pounds. The construction is very solid and sturdy.

The double-layered nylon net is enforced by galvanized steel. The double-layer adds to the rigidity and sturdiness of the trap. It is not easily swayed even under a relatively strong current whilst fishing.

The trap has a foldable design, making the job of carrying it hassle-free. Thanks to the manageable dimensions, you will be able to fit it in your fishing bag easily.

The trap also comes with an easy-to-access zipper system. The zipper opens the bag in half from the middle, letting you place bait and take out the fish you caught. This reduces a lot of the time and effort involved in taking out the prey after a fishing session.

You will find this particular product very easy to use overall. It does not have too many bells and whistles, but it serves its primary purpose very well. There are no overbearing flaws with this trap either in regards to usability or durability. If you are a newcomer looking for a good crawfish trap, this is worth looking at.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual layer nylon fishnet design.
  • Foldable design for easy carrying.
  • Rigid and Sturdy construction suitable for all kinds of conditions.
  • Easy access zipper system with bait pouch.

Crawfish Trap Buying Guide

Crawfish Trap Buying Guide

Are you an aspiring angler? Do you want your next fishing trip to be even more productive? Or perhaps you want the adventure and thrill of catching your own fish for a live BBQ. Either way, if you want to catch delicious crawfish, you will need some know-how. Most importantly, you will need a good idea of crawfish traps.

Before you learn more about crawfish traps, you must know why we use specific traps for crawfish in the first place. We will gloss over just that.

Crawfish are crustaceans, just like lobsters and shrimp. They also share many similarities with crabs. These crustaceans differ from traditional fish in many ways. As a result, they cannot be caught using fishing rods and traditional nets.

That is where the crawfish trap comes in. These simple yet effective traps are built with nylon or ethylene polymer fishnet, strengthened by galvanized steel housing. To avoid corrosion and rust, the steel could be further protected by plastic housing.

Most of these traps are foldable. That is, when not being used they can be folded and turned into a sheet/umbrella-like flat form. Even a fairly large trap can be easily placed and carried in a bag or backpack.

The defining feature of the crawfish trap is the entrance. The entrances are built like an inverted funnel. They are wide at the opening and gradually get narrower, just like a funnel.

By now, you should have a good idea about what a crawfish trap is and how it works in principle. With this knowledge, you can proceed to evaluate your needs and demands and look for a crawfish trap to buy:

Few of the factors to keep in mind are:

Different Types of Crawfish Trap

One of the first things to keep in mind is that there are multiple types of crawfish traps available in the market. There are foldable traps, torpedo-shaped traps, multiple entry traps. Each type offers a unique design, specific handling technique and caters to different needs.

Construction and Build

The build quality of the trap determines how sturdy and durable it is. A better-built trap is almost guaranteed to last longer and suffer more abuse. Nylon, steel are the common materials used in construction. Some manufacturers also opt for lightweight polyethylene mesh for production.


Size plays a key role in determining which trap you want to buy. This is almost solely dependent on your needs and wants. Are you a serious angler or hobbyist looking to catch as many crawfish as possible at one go? Or are you looking to catch a few for a family BBQ. If you want to catch more fish in one go, get a bigger trap.

Do keep in mind that bigger traps are also harder to maneuver and carry. If you are a hobbyist you may be served better by smaller traps.

Miscellaneous Features

After you have covered the bases, you should also consider a few extra factors before buying. This includes the portability, presence or absence of bait bag, zippers/flaps for access, etc. These features are not the bare essentials of a crawfish trap. But they undeniably improve the overall experience of owning and using one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to place bait within the trap?

For ideal results, you should definitely consider placing bait within the trap. That will easily lure crawfish in.

2. How do I remove fish from the trap?

You can use an opening in the middle or side of the trap. It might be accessible by zipper or flap, depending on the model you bought.

3. Can I catch only crawfish with a crawfish trap?

The good news is, you can catch much small fish, different kinds of crabs, and even lobsters using these traps. In that sense, a crawfish trap is like a swiss army knife; handy in all situations!

4. What should I use as crawfish bait or lure?

Often, the best crawfish lure is readily available for us. You can use raw meat like chicken or pork as a lure. Or, it is even better if you use fish such as salmon, carp, or trout in appropriate portions.

Final Words

Catching crawfish is a very fulfilling hobby with immense rewards in the form of delicious food or even economic value. But for beginners, it can be quite daunting and scary. That is where the crawfish trap makes your job so much easier.

The presence of so many crawfish traps in the market may confuse you. This article glosses over the few key elements to look for while choosing a product. We also discussed five popular crawfish traps along with their pros, cons, and unique features.

With all the knowledge and ideas of crawfish traps, you will be able to confidently catch a tone in your next trip to the lake or the swamp. Choose wisely, and Happy Fishing!


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