Best Crawfish Cookers & Boilers Reviews in 2021

Best Crawfish Cookers

Do you remember that one backyard party you attended at your friend’s place where you loved gorging on tasty crawfish? The strong flavor and the savory taste of this seafood might have left you craving for more! You’re probably drooling over the sheer thought of eating those little crustaceans again!

Well, you can easily satiate your taste buds by cooking incredibly delicious dishes with crawfish right in your backyard. All you have to do is buy yourself the best crawfish cooker to get cooking!

Finding the right equipment can be a bit tricky. But there is nothing to worry about as our reviews and buying guide will make the process a whole lot simpler.

5 Best Crawfish Cooker Reviews

Here is our recommended list of the most effective crawfish cookers that are perfect for cooking delicious dishes!

1. GasOne 200,000 BTU Outdoor Stove Gas Cooker

GasOne 200 Propane Gas Cooker

GasOne is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. It produces top-grade products, and this crawfish burner comes complete with all the features needed for cooking crustaceans perfectly! Offering high heat output, durability, and portability, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This is a heavy-duty cooker built with a sturdy metal frame and sits on four durable legs. Weighing only 27.5 pounds, you will have no trouble carrying it around. From backyard parties to camping trips, it’s portable enough for every outdoor setting.

Equipped with a robust cast iron burner, this thing delivers superb heat output without getting damaged by high temperatures. It’s capable of reaching up to 200,000 BTU! That’s more than enough heat for efficiently cooking seafood like crawfish, lobsters, crabs, etc.

Furthermore, this appliance allows you to adjust the heat output using a 0-20 psi adjustable regulator. As a result, you get complete control over fuel combustion.

Thanks to the O-ring on the regulator, you will never have to worry about gas leakage! The steel braided hose makes it astoundingly safe to use. Considering all the quality and features it offers, this small powerhouse is the best crawfish burner in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Remarkably durable thanks to the metal frame and cast-iron burner
  • Generates up to 200,000 BTU of heat for offering faster cooking
  • Surprisingly lightweight and portable
  • Offers safe and secure cooking with the help of O-ring on the regulator
  • Gives complete control over gas and the flow of pressure

2. Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel

If you’ve used any of Bayou Classic cookware, then you already know how great they are! This 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer is considered to be the best outdoor cooker for plenty of good reasons. It makes frying and cooking fishes a breezy job, allowing you to get the food ready without hassle!

This seafood cooker boasts sturdy construction as it’s built with high-quality steel to withstand high temperatures. It’s guaranteed to be your favorite outdoor cooking equipment for many years!

Offering higher heating output, this thing will make quick work of the crawfish. It can fry and cook within a very short time for all the guests at your party. Thanks to the special V-bottom design, the oil in the bottom stays cooler and, therefore, cleaner!

With the stainless-steel baskets, you will enjoy both frying and boiling. They come with cool touch handles, so you won’t have to worry about burning your hands.

You will be able to monitor the temperature just by looking at the accurate temperature gauge. When you’re done cooking, the drain valve and hose will allow you to collect all the oil with ease. It doesn’t get all that loud, producing the same amount of noise as a jet cooker.

All in all, this is a fast and hassle-free cooker designed for delivering outstanding results!

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of stainless steel for offering durability
  • Suitable for both cooking and frying
  • Produces a lot of heat to offer faster cooking
  • Safe to use thanks to the cool touch handles

3. Backyard Pro Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit/Steamer Kit

Backyard Pro Propane Outdoor Cooking

The Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Aluminum Fryer/Steamer is a stellar crawfish boiler that’s powerful enough for cooking a wide range of dishes. From heat output to durability, everything about it is top-notch! You won’t be disappointed if you buy it for personal cooking or outdoor parties.

Let’s start with the heat generation of this unit. It can easily offer up to 55,000 BTU of heat aided by the strong cast-iron burner. So, you will get enough temperature to make your crawfish ready for eating in no time!

In addition to the burner, this thing comes complete with other tools like a steamer basket, accessory pot, aluminum pot, etc. They will come in handy during cooking. So, you won’t have to look elsewhere for the extra tools.

You will also find a thermometer, a sauce syringe, and a turkey hanger which will help you to make the meals even tastier! This unit is fairly easy to clean, making it very convenient to use. Moreover, it takes barely any time to assemble as it’s pretty straightforward.

Considering all the stunning aspects of this cooking equipment and its extensive versatility, it can be considered the best crab steamer! 

Highlighted Features:

  • Takes only a couple of minutes to assemble
  • Offers a lot of heat for quickly preparing the food
  • Comes complete with all the necessary tools
  • Designed to be remarkably easy to clean
  • Suitable for a wide range of dishes

4. Concord Deluxe Banjo 200,000 BTU Portable Outdoor Stove

Concord Deluxe Propane Burner Camping Cooking

The Concord Deluxe Banjo is fitted with all the features needed for meeting the demand of outdoor parties. It will allow you to prepare the most delicious dishes with crawfish to satisfy all your guests’ cravings, earning you the title of the best party host!

With 32 pounds of weight and detachable legs, you will find it super easy to move around or store. It can support up to 400 pounds so you can feel free to place a big crawfish pot on it. As a result, this thing will allow you to cook enough food to serve everyone.

Thanks to the extra wide 10” burner head, it ensures even distribution of the flame to wider cookware. As this unit is capable of delivering up to 200,000 BTU of heat, cooking crawfish, lobsters, or other similar foods will seem faster, and more efficient.

You can adjust the heat output to get clean blue flames that won’t create black marks on your precious cookware. This product sports durable construction as it’s made of cast-iron and features weatherproof coating. So, you can count on it to last a long time!

As you can see, this equipment has the characteristics to be considered the best crawfish boiler.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to be easy to carry and store
  • Burns clean flames and offers even heat distribution
  • Cooks faster and more efficiently with 200,000 BTU of maximum heat
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime 

5. Barton Deluxe 30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer

Barton Deluxe Gas Stove Burner

The availability of crawfish boilers like the Barton Deluxe makes lives easier for those who love munching on seafood. That’s because it’s an impressive appliance designed for effectively frying and boiling all kinds of delicacies. It will make your outdoor parties livelier with the promise of great food!

Boasting a high-pressure burner with a 200,000 BTU rating, you will have enough heat at your disposal to cook anything you want quickly. This crawfish boiler kit comes equipped with a convenient pot for all your steaming and boiling needs in addition to the basket for frying.

With the help of a long probe thermometer, you will be able to monitor the temperature easily. Furthermore, the marinade injector will be useful for adding flavors and seasoning. It even comes with a poultry rack for holding turkeys and other birds in place.

Thanks to the solid aluminum frame, this one is incredibly durable. The sturdy steel stand is strong enough to withstand a lot of weight with ease. You will have no reason to be afraid of spilling the boiling hot food because the stand will hold the pot securely.

You can call this unit the best propane boiler as it burns fuel efficiently. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Built sturdily with high-quality aluminum
  • Comes with a high heat output rating of 200,000 BTU
  • Boasts an accurate thermometer that helps in achieving desired temperature
  • Sports a compact and lightweight design for offering portability

Crawfish Cooker Buying Guide

crawfish cooker

When you enter the market for buying the best crawfish cooker, you will be presented with tons of options to choose from. You might even get overwhelmed. But if you know the key factors to consider, it won’t seem all that difficult of a task. You will be able to identify the most suitable product quickly.

Build Quality

A crawfish boiler kit has to come with superior build quality if you want it to be long-lasting. It must be strong enough to withstand high temperatures for an extended period. Otherwise, you will end up having to invest in a new piece of equipment before you get your money’s worth.

Crawfish cookers are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum material. Stainless steel products are sturdier, and they’re likely to last longer than aluminum. But they are also heavier.

The ones made with aluminum tend to be cheaper and more lightweight. They offer plenty of durability but they don’t last as long as stainless steel for obvious reasons.

Your preferred cooker should come with a sturdy stand for handling a lot of weight. It’s important if you want to cook a lot of food at once.

Pot Capacity

The capacity of the crawfish cooking pots should be one of the major concerns when shopping for crawfish cookers. That’s because you want a pot that’s large enough for all your family members and friends you’re going to invite to your backyard parties!

Figure out how many people you’ll be cooking for in the future to find out the capacity you need. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. Pot capacity is measured in quarts of water. As a rule of thumb, you should go for one that offers twice as many quarts of capacity as the sack of crawfish you’re planning to cook.

For example, if you want to cook 15 pounds of crawfish, opt for 30 quarts of pot capacity.

Burner Quality 

The quality of the burner is of utmost importance because if it’s not powerful enough, you won’t be able to get the job done. Crawfish require high heat output to be cooked. So, you must check the burner quality before purchasing.

You need to get a burner that provides at least 54,000 BTU of heat output. Anything less than that would be too cold for crawfish. Some are capable of offering up to 200,000 BTU of heat. You’ll be able to cook faster if the burner offers higher output. But they tend to be more expensive as well.

Additionally, the burner should be sturdy and large enough to be suitable for all your cooking needs.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Your crawfish cooker should be designed to be easy to use. It should be lightweight so that you can move it around without any trouble. You will enjoy using the equipment if it comes with comfortable handles as it will allow you to lift the pots with ease. Cookers with detachable legs are better as they’re easier to store.


The crawfish cooker should offer a lot of stability if you want to cook your food perfectly. It must come with a flat and even surface to prevent the pot from moving or sliding. Moreover, it should be able to distribute the heat on your cookware evenly. Otherwise, the cooking won’t be flawless.


It’s always nice to have something that allows you to do more than it was intended for. The same goes for crawfish cookers. So, your preferred appliance should offer a lot of versatility. It should come with a burner, boiler, fryer if you want the most versatility.

That way, you won’t just be boiling seafood with your crawfish cooker; you will also be cooking chicken, fish, turkey, vegetables, and more! Won’t that be convenient?


Crawfish cookers are usually not that expensive. You can get your hands on a high-quality product for a relatively low price. However, the prices vary from one model to another. You would have to pay a bit more to get a model with better durability, higher heat output, and greater capacity.

All of the products we’ve reviewed are priced reasonably. They will offer the most bang for your bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a turkey cooker as a crawfish cooker?

If the turkey cooker comes with enough versatility, then you should be able to use it as a crawfish cooker. It should allow you to quickly boil the crustaceans as long as the heat output is high enough.

2. How many BTUs do I need for cooking crawfish?

At least 54,000 BTU of heat output is needed for cooking crawfish perfectly. Avoid any cooker that cannot reach that much BTUs of heat because it will be completely useless for crawfish.

3. How long does it usually take to steam a pound of crawfish?

Well, that actually depends on the heating output. In general, your crawfish cooker should be able to boil any crawfish within 15 to 20 minutes. It will take another 15 minutes before your food is ready for eating.

4. How can I tell if the crawfish are done cooking?

You can tell that by testing the crawfish in regular intervals of 5 minutes. If you find the tail meat to be all rubbery and chewy, then it’s not ready yet. Overcooking makes the fish mushy and then everything starts to fall off.

5. How much crawfish does an average person eat?

On average, a person eats 3 pounds of crawfish. However, some crawfish lovers with bigger appetites can eat up to 6 pounds without any problem in a single sitting! You should take them into consideration if you don’t want to be embarrassed after throwing a backyard party.

Final Words

There you have it, folks! These are the most suitable crawfish cookers you can find on the market. Any seafood enthusiast will love them as they make the cooking process much easier.

Finding the best crawfish cooker should be an easy job now that you’ve read our extensive reviews and buying guide.

If you’re still on the fence, then perhaps the GasOne 200,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Cooker can be the perfect solution for you. It comes from a reputed brand with superior features and quality. You will be able to cook a lot of different dishes with it, in addition to crawfish.

The Bayou Classic 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer is another impressive cooking equipment that you can rely on for preparing delicious crawfish dishes. It’s simple to use but offers fantastic results!

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