Best Crawfish Baits To Make Fishing More Fun!

best crawfish baits

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Waiting around for hours in your crawfish trap. Yet, you have no fortune whatsoever. Well, what should you blame here? Is it the lack of skill or a better bait for the crawfish?

Whatever the case is, the best‌ ‌crawfish‌ ‌bait‌ will make things easier than anything. But, when it comes to crawfish baits, many people wonder if it’s better to go for natural or artificial bait.

It depends actually. Even though fish is the best option for crawfish bait, we’ve included artificial ones here. It’s because they’re easy to maintain and less expensive.

And, we’ve researched for a whole month in bringing the best crawfish baits out there. Enough chit chat, time to begin the review section-

Product Reviews of The Best‌ Crawfish‌ Bait‌

1. Rebel Lures Crawfish Crankbait Fishing Lure

Rebel Lures Crawfish Crankbait Fishing Lure

Product Description

Introducing the best crawfish bait in our eyes- Rebel Lures Crawfish Crankbait. If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective crawfish bait then check this one out.

Apart from having a realistic design, this bait comes with a durable plastic finish. And, perhaps the hard plastic body is the main selling point of this product. More on that below-

Highlighted Features

First things first, how does this bait attract crawfish towards it? Well, the realistic design helps the bait mimic a crawfish. Now, by mimicking a real fish, it’ll attract the fishes to it.

Here, the realistic design of the baits creates a strong rhythm in the water. As a result, fishes get attracted to this rhythm and they trigger a response to it. So, it lures and falls into the crawfish nets.

On the other hand, the bait is 1 1/2 inches long. Now, this isn’t the longest bait in the list or in the market. But, the compact size makes it easier to fit into the fishing net and holes too.

Plus, it has hooks in the jig head too. So, it’s quite easier to crank the bait inside the water body or to pull it out.

Moving on, you can easily troll or cast the bait on any freshwater. But, it works the absolute best around the rocks. And, why is that?

Well, the bait bounces off the rocks. And, this will provoke other fishes to cause a strike on this bait. By doing this, the fishes will fall into the trap and you can easily catch them.

And the best part about this bait is that you won’t have to worry about any sort of damages. Because of the hard plastic body, this bait will remain durable for a long time.

This also means that you can use the bait even after using it for a long time. The further toughness makes this product stand out in the market.

To summarize, the bait works perfectly and it’ll provide a lot of benefits. But, it’ll remain durable and tough throughout its operation too. So, you might want to give this affordable option a go.

2. XFISHMAN Soft Plastic Crawfish

XFISHMAN Soft Plastic Crawfish

Product Description

Say hello to the first soft plastic crawfish bait on our list. This one stood 2nd in our eyes. However, you might end up loving it more. So, let’s dive in with its features-

Highlighted Features

Now, before beginning proceedings, what actually attracts the crawfish? Is it the design or an odor? Well, good news for you, this product provides both in one place.

So, firstly, the design of this bait. Here, it comes with flexible swinging action. And, the hands swing in such a way that it gives off a strong pattern of going through the water.

And, the baits maintain a natural swimming pattern inside the water due to this swinging action. As a result, it flows through the water well enough.

What this does is provoke a response from the crawfish. Here, the fishes observe the living action of the bait. As a result of this living action, the crawfish triggers a response. And, they fall into the traps.

In accordance with that, there’s fish attractant with this bait. The manufacturers have added highly concentrated natural oils. And all of these oils have been extracted from living baits into this one.

As a result, the attractant brings in more fish to the bait. When compared to the hooksets, the attractant does a phenomenal job at attracting fish. So, you can use this to your advantage.

Apart from that, colors don’t really come into your favor when the bait is put underwater. But, the manufacturers still put proven colors on the baits that provide some options for you to work with.

In the end, they come with high-pitched legs. So, the bait will give off a lively vibe and a realistic design as it’ll tremble with the reversed legs. Besides, you can easily use them as jig trailers too if you want.

So, the bait provides a lot of benefits and is termed as one of the best bait for crawfish.

3. Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish Bait

Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish Bait

Product Description

Introducing one of the best bait for crawfish traps from the brand- Lixada. Now, this bait is made out of PVC. So, it’s different from the other products on this list. But, there are other notable features. So, let’s check them-

Highlighted Features

First off, let’s discuss the design of this bait. Now, let me clear out one thing ahead, a realistic design will attract the crawfish to your bait at all times.

That said, this bait does come with a similar shaped design. Here, the product does come with realistic legs and claws. Moreover, it even has a realistic body to follow up.

As a result, the bait has a realistic moving action. And, the crawfish get attracted to this and step inside the trap.

This is why the bait is perfect to be put inside the crawfish cages. As if that’s not it, the body of the bait has a crawfish-shaped texture as well. Plus, there’s even added holographic in the texture.

All of this combined provides an excellent yet realistic image for the bait. And, the crawfish always fall in for the trap as they frequently move towards the bait.

Once the crawfish falls for the bait, you’re in for business. Another best part about this bait is the PVC material in the construction. And, what benefits does it bring?

Well, the PVC material of the bait ensures that it lasts longer compared to the other options in the market. Plus, it even ensures durability. So, the bait resists damages. 

Speaking of durability, the jig head lure has a higher hook ratio for the red drum and bass. Here, the premium hook at the top makes way for excellent use. And, it’s perfect for both fresh and saltwater.

In the end, this flexible yet durable bait is perfect for attracting crawfish due to its realistic design. And, the overall solid construction contributes to the toughness all the time.

As it’s made for both fresh and saltwater, you have options in your hand. So, step in with this and have a successful hunting session.

4. RUNCL Probite Creature Craw Baits

RUNCL Probite Creature Craw Baits

Product Description

Say hello to another best crayfish trap. This one is from the brand RUNCL. Now, this one does arrive with a compact design. So, let’s head-on with the other notable features below-

Highlighted Features

Now, first things first, let’s find out how this bait attracts predators to it. Similar to the previous product, this bait provides realistic movements as well.

Here, the design has a unique presentation to it. Mainly, it portrays a craw-style texture where you’ll find 2 separate pinchers and appendages.

Using this design, the bait flaps with fluent action that looks and feels quite life-like. As a result, the crawfish feel assumes to swim around and have a breathing action as well.

Now, the crawfish will give off a trigger response to this bait as it’ll assume it to be living. And, here’s where the bait will cause the crawfish to fall inside the trap.

That’s not all about the benefit of this design. Here, there are slots for double hooks inside the belly of the bait. Also, the design makes it easy for attaching better hooksets.

So, you can easily bury it in the hook points of it. Overall, the design will make it easier to bury in hook points. And, providing an overall effortless fishing experience.

By now, we’ve spoken about the pinchers. Even though the design of this bait is small, the pinchers are a bit oversized. Now, this is actually an advantage. But, why?

Well, the huge pinchers make it easy at creating attention-grabbing actions by displacing more water. As a result, the crawfish will get attracted and will fall into the trap.

Apart from this, the bait is perfect for lethargic fishes too. Because there’s high-salt content inside that makes it tempting for the fishes to bite into it.

Lastly, the slim body can slide in through smaller holes easily. And, you can hook it up or use it easily as jig trailers.

5. Soft Fishing Lures, Bass Fishing Lures

Soft Fishing Lures, Bass Fishing Lures

Product Description

Now, the last product brings an absolute deal with it. Here, you’ll get almost 70 pcs of accessories with the product itself. So, be it a sinker or a jig head hook- this product has it all.

And, even though it’s the last one in our eyes, it’s still one of the best crawdad bait in the market. So, let’s begin with the highlighted features-

Highlighted Features

Well, we’ve already mentioned that you’ll get 70pcs of baits from this product. So, let’s take a look at them firstly-

Starting off, there is a separate fishing lure box kit. Here, you’ll find 20 different crawfish inside with four colors. Also, there are 10 different 3-sized sinkers.

Moreover, there are 10-night beads and ten rolling connectors. And, if you thought that’s it, you’re wrong. There are 10 hooks and ten jig heads too with 3 types of sizes. So, overall, you have tons of options to work with.

Similar to the previous product, you’ll have shrimp odor attached to the bait. By having this flavor on the baits, you can trigger and attract the crawfish.

Now, the best part about this is that you can attract them even in dull visibility conditions. So, the crawfish will be attracted to your bait regardless of the poor water condition. And, the odor will trigger a response from them.

Moving on, the bait itself is made out of plastic. Even though the construction is strong and durable, the plastic is a bit softer. This is better as the softer plastic allows the crawfish to hold on more.

As a result, you can leave your baits in the water for a while. Speaking of the strong durability, even the fishing hooks are tough. Here, they’re made of carbon steel that provides all the toughness in the world.

In fact, the jig head is made of a durable design. So, when it comes to resisting damages, this bait is right up there.

In the end, the bait will make your life easy. And, even if it’s below in the list, it’ll still provide a great run to the competition.

Crawfish Bait Buying Guide

Crawfish Bait Buying Guide

We’ve made things loud and clear! Yes, the review section is made to provide all the answers to your question. But, that isn’t the end, by any means.

And, why is that?

You see, reading through a sea of information is never an easy task, is it? Trust me, the review section was a lot to go through. And, it can create subtle confusions quite easily.

Now, the only way to solve this issue is to provide a section where we discuss the important considerations. So, we went on ahead and did just that.

Here, in the buying guide, you’ll find all your answers. So, grab a cup of coffee as we’re about to dive in deep-

Design & Shape

Yes, a realistic design matters when looking for a crawfish bait. At times, the crawfish trigger a response when they encounter bait with living action. This is why a realistic design is necessary.

On top of that, some baits have hooks on their belly. Whereas, other baits have their hook situated on the head. Whatever the case is, having a hook situated on both these positions will make it easier for you.

This is because you can attach the hookset to the hooks of the bait. As a result, you can pull the bait out in time.

Other than that, the shape of the bait depends on the fish you’re intending to catch. Usually, for bass and larger fishes, a larger bait is needed.

But, you should always get baits that can mimic the prey. By doing this, the crawfish will trigger a response and you can easily lure them to the traps.


Well, size matters!

However, the size of the baits will depend on the type of fish you’re trying to catch. Here, if you’re going for a larger fish then go for larger bait. But, if you’re going for a smaller fish then go for smaller bait.

Usually, smaller fish don’t have a larger mouth. So, by having a smaller bait, you can easily lure them in.

Durability Factor

Since all the baits will be underwater for some time, they’ll require some sort of toughness. And, don’t forget they’ll be under pressure from the prey. So, they’ll need to be a bit durable in order to survive for a long time.

Hence, our advice is to settle for hard and soft plastic materials for the construction of these baits. They won’t get damaged easily and you can use them for a long time as well.

On the other hand, PVC materials can be used too for the baits. So, when you’re buying these baits, take a look at the materials too.

Jig Heads & Pinchers

Pinchers in the baits create an attractive swimming rhythm. Having these in the bait will definitely grab the attention of the other fishes. And, this attractive swimming will portray a living-like environment.

As a result, other fishes will trigger a response and will fall into the trap. This will come into your favor. So, look for pinchers when buying crawfish baits.


Which one is the best bait for catching crawfish?

Answer: Well, it depends. Some people use sunfish and other oily fishes as bait. Whereas, others use salmon heads. In the end, it depends on which region you’re from and how you catch these fish.

What things will attract a crawfish?

Answer: Generally, crawfish are attracted to fish-based foods. In fact, they can even get attracted to hot dogs. Here, the only thing that’ll matter is whether the bait is fresh or not. So, if you’re thinking about putting smelly, spoiled meat then it won’t work.

Which is the season to catch crawfish?

Answer: Normally, crawfish seasons start from early November to late July. But, when it comes to reliability, these fishes can be caught around early summer and spring. And, that is from late February to early May.

Can you purge a crawfish?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to purge a crawfish. And, the overall process would take around 10-15 minutes.

What is the best place to set a crawfish trap?

Answer: Normally, crawfish nest on shallow water bodies. So, you can place traps around ponds, lakes, and other streams of rivers. Besides, you can place traps on the water pools around the bedrocks.

Parting Words

Well, hunting season is almost here! So, pack on up and begin the journey. With all the key information provided in this article, you can easily purchase the best crawfish bait.

Before ending the article, we’d like to inform you that all of the products discussed in this list are the absolute best on the market. However, you can read the buying guide in order to know what suits you. In the end, it’ll matter on the factors that you love the most. Good luck with your hunting!


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