5 Best Crab Tongs to Ensure Secure Grip, Always!

best crab tongs

Don’t you just hate it when the angry crabs start pinching your fingers or hands? Well, these smaller creatures can leave quite a mark if they get a hold of your hands.

As if that’s not enough, conventional crab grabbers don’t even provide a secure grip over them. As a result, they slip out and get some injuries.

Now, we don’t want you to go through this much trouble. This is because crab grabbing should be a recreation. Not a way to increase stress.

So, we’ve researched for a while and we’re able to bring out the 5 best crab tongs for you in this guide. But, would these help? Yes, they’ll securely hold the crabs and keep them away from your fingers.

However, there were a lot of options. But, we did end up providing the best for you.

That said, let’s check them out starting from below-

Product Reviews of The Best Crab Tongs

1. King Kooker Crab Tongs

King Kooker Crab Tongs

Product Description

Hands down to the best crab grabber on the list- King Kooker Crab Tongs! If you’re looking for a helping hand to grab crabs then this is the go-to option. Here, the 15-inch length makes it easier at grabbing crabs from crab pots.

So, let’s check out the other features and benefits which lead us to crown this product-

Highlighted Features

When going for crab tongs, construction is quite important. This is because a hard-constructed tong will ensure its toughness and durability.

Well, these tongs are all about that toughness. Here, the product is made of stainless steel that adds to the durability. Plus, it even increases longevity as it’ll resist damages all the time.

Now, let’s focus on the length of these tongs. And yes, they’re the longest on the list. This does put the tongs ahead of the competition. This longer length will keep the angry crabs away from your fingers.

And, you’ll have an easy time grabbing crabs from deeper pots. Speaking of grabbing the crabs, the design makes it even easier at handling them.

These tongs have 5 prongs on the top. And, they help at ensuring a secure grip all the time over the crabs. So, you won’t injure the crabs or your hands if you’re using this product.

In the end, they’re a bit too large for the smaller crab varieties. And, some smaller crabs might go between the prongs as there is a bit of a gap in them.

So, you’ll need to consider that when you’re working with smaller varieties. But, with larger varieties, your life will be saved due to these crab tongs.

2. Joy Fish Crab Tongs

Crab Tongs

Product Description

Presenting the second stainless-steel option of the list. These steel tongs are made from the brand- Joy Fish. And, the best part about this joy fish crab trap is that it won’t rust or corrode easily.

Other than that, there are a lot of special features to discuss. So, let’s begin-

Highlighted Features

Starting off, these tongs come at a length of 14-inches. Now, it’s not the longest tongs on the list. But, it’ll still be ideal at keeping the crabs away from your fingers.

And, it depends on how you use the tongs when it comes to their length. Plus, you don’t need longer tongs to deal with regular/smaller-sized crabs. So, this length would be ideal.

Now, let’s move to the construction of this product as solid construction is essential. Well, you’ll be glad about the construction of this product. Here, it comes from solid steel construction.

This means it’ll last for a while and will be durable against all sorts of damages. Besides, the tool has steel rivets at the top as well. So, it’ll ensure that the crabs are out of the way from your fingers.

And, to make things even better, the steel used in this product doesn’t rust or corrode over time. Here, you’ll just need to wash them off in clean water and that’ll be it.

As the length of this product is 14-inches, it’ll work well with all-sized crabs too. So, you won’t have to purchase anything longer than this option.

In the end, the product follows a durable construction and will keep the crabs away from your fingers. At an affordable price, it’ll provide a lot of benefits. So, do give this product a thought.

3. Eagle Claw Crab Tongs

Eagle Claw Crab Tongs

Product Description

When it comes to crab tongs, solid material and a decent size are must-haves. Well, you’ll be glad because these crab tongs from the brand- Eagle Claw has both in one place.

With a 12-inch length and solid construction, it’ll ensure most work easily. So, let’s begin with the features-

Highlighted Features

As we’ve spoken about the length of this product, let’s begin proceedings with it. So, yes, it comes with a 12-inch length. But, a thing to notice is that it has the smallest length on this list.

Now, does it matter? Well, technically yes, reaching larger buckets will be a bit of a hassle with these tongs. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with these tongs.

In fact, it’ll serve the purpose of keeping the crabs away from your fingers. But, when it comes to a head-head comparison, you’ll get more benefits with larger-length tongs.

Moving on, the tongs are made of metal. And, they do follow a durable construction. As a result, damages won’t have much effect on them. And, you’ll be well assured about the longevity.

Other than that, these tongs work really well with plastic blue crabs. This is because they have a tighter hook at the top. So, it’ll securely hold the crabs in place.

Apart from the length of these tongs, there’s another thing to consider before buying them. And that’s the rust factor of these tongs. As they’re made of metal, they’ll rust over time.

So, you’ll need to keep that in mind. Or, you can go ahead and provide a vinyl coating over them. That said, providing an additional coating would be a hard task and can be expensive as well.

To summarize, these tongs work really well. And, they’ll serve the purpose at all times. But, there are some additional considerations with them. So, if the other features have impressed you then go ahead at buy this product.

4. SouthBend CTG-1 Crab Tongs

SouthBend CTG-1 Crab Tongs

Product Description

Bringing in a budget option for you from the brand- South Bend. Now, it’s understandable that length and construction are quite important for crab tongs. But, budget is a key factor too.

So, if you’re looking for something on a budget then you’ll love this one. But, there are other features left as well. With that said, let’s begin looking at them-

Highlighted Features

Now, just because this product is on a budget, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of cheap materials. In fact, it’s made of metal and has a longer length of 15”.

And, yes, the longer length makes it easier to grip and catch the crabs. Plus, it’ll keep the crabs away from your fingers always. Besides, having a longer length means you can grip the crabs from deeper pots easily.

As the product is made out of metal, it’ll resist damage efficiently. So, you can be confident about longevity as well. Just keep an eye out for rusting and corrosion of these bad boys.

In the end, these tongs are durable enough and will keep the crabs away from your fingers. And, you can easily grip the crabs from the nets due to their longer length.

So, yes, this durable option can definitely be a worthy option.

5. Liyes Crab Tongs

Liyes Crab Tongs

Product Description

We’re down to the last crab tongs of this list. And, this product is from the brand- Lies. And, the best part about this product is the long 15-inch length and steel construction.

But, there’s more. So, let’s begin with the rest of the features-

Highlighted Features

So, first off, this product is made from a stainless-steel material. Now, this automatically increases the toughness and durability of the product. Plus, it even contributes to longevity as well.

As if that’s not enough, the manufacturers have added ABS materials in the construction as well. Now, this takes the longevity and toughness of the tongs to another level.

So, the tongs provide toughness and durability all the time. On the other hand, when it comes to handling the crabs, the tongs make life easier too.

But, why?

Well, the design of the tongs makes it easier at catching the crabs. Here, the grooved tips help at securely grabbing the crabs. So, you won’t injure them and also keep them away from your fingers.

Other than that, the tongs don’t work with crabs only. You can even use them to lift cheese, turn fish and crabs, and even cook vegetables. So, the product does have multiple uses it.

Moving on, the tongs are all about safe use and secure handling. Here, the steel rivets hold live crabs quite easily.

And, the tongs come with silicone tips. This means it’ll protect the hands and also not injure the crabs. Moreover, the tips are heat-resistant and are completely BPA-free.

In the end, the silicone tips will work well on griller and cookware as they won’t damage or scratch them, by any means.

To summarize, these crab tongs provide a lot of benefits. Plus, it ensures that your fingers and crabs are safe all the time. And, the notable features just make life a tad bit easier.

Crab Tongs Buying Guide

Crab Tongs Buying Guide

As you’re done finishing the review section of this guide, things might seem straightforward enough. However, things can go south real soon. But, how?

Well, if you don’t know what to look for then prioritizing the best product can be difficult. This will eventually cause you to be confused at the time of buying the product.

And, we don’t want that to happen. So, we’ve put on our research hat once again. Finally, we’re able to bring out some common yet important considerations to focus on.

In order to buy the best tongs, you’ll need to prioritize your favorite features. So, let’s check out this buying guide where we have answers to all of your questions-

Materials & Construction

By now, we’ve highlighted 2 types of materials in the review section. However, when you’ll search about crab tongs in the market, you’ll find plastic options as well.

So, if we go to a head-head comparison between all the materials, you’ll know which one to go for. Generally, people love steel and metal tongs. This is because they’re tough and durable enough.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about their longevity as they’ll resist most damages. However, there are things to consider about these two options.

First off, they’re a bit heavy. Now, this added weight will go unnoticed when you’re using them. But, if you’re using them for an extended period, you’ll feel the difference right away.

Then again, the weight can never be a drawback for steel and metal tongs. Rather, the added weight provides a sense of responsibility at times.

Secondly, these options can corrode easily. As if that’s not enough, they can even catch rusts. So, it’s better if these materials are coated with vinyl. Otherwise, they’ll corrode easily in saltwater.

If you can ensure this coating on the steel and metal tongs, you’ll be good to go.

On the other hand, there is a plastic option as well. And, the best part about plastic tongs is that you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion in them.

However, they aren’t durable enough. So, they can break easily or get damaged.

Size & Length

The length and size of the tongs are important. The larger the length, the better, right? Even though that’s true in some cases, there’s a thing to focus on.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide the exact process of catching the crabs. Based on the entire hunting process, you’ll need to decide the size of tongs.

crab tongs size & length

Normally, these tongs start from 8-20 inches. Now, the length will solely depend on your way of catching these crabs, in the first place.

So, if you’re planning to grab these creatures from a deeper bucket then go for a larger length. Whereas, go for the smaller ones if you’re just holding them to cook in a pot.


Yes, the budget can be an important thing to consider. Depending on the budget, you’ll need to choose the tongs accordingly. Some options cost a lot.

Even though the expensive options provide a bit more, not all of them maintain the quality. On the other hand, there are affordable options in the market that’ll provide great quality.

So, you’ll need to set the budget before buying these tools.

Type of Hook

Hook type mainly depends on how you want to catch your crabs. Many people prefer circular hooks when catching crabs. But, why?

Well, these hooks make it easy at gripping the belly of the crab. So, it’ll ensure that you have a secure grip all the time.

On the other hand, grooved tips help at providing an overall secure grip from any angle. So, it comes down to your preference on how you want to grip the crabs.

Grip Factor

It hurts! Yes, we’re talking about the time when you slip out the tools you’re using. Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a slippery condition or not- you can’t drop these tongs.

This is because the crabs will get out of your reach if you drop these tongs. So, it’s more than essential that you invest in a product with a better grip.

Hence, go for the slip-resistant handles. These options will make it easy to grip the overall product. Most importantly, it’ll ensure a secure grip all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the exact time to leave crab traps to sit inside the water?

Answer: It’s better to leave crab traps for around 6-8 hours inside the water. This is because the crabs will attach to one another when the bait is done. So, it’s better you pull the traps out of the water before that time.

Question: Which season would be the best one for catching crabs?

Answer: From the period of late spring, it’s better to start catching crabs. And, this period will continue up to early summer. After that, you can start catching crabs again from later summer until the early fall.

Question: Is it better to kill a crab before actually cooking it?

Answer: Yes, you should kill a crab before cooking it. Otherwise, the crab might shred off limbs due to shock. Plus, it’s inhumane to boil crabs alive. And, it’ll cause the flesh to be hard as well.

Question: What is the best process of storing crabs overnight?

Answer: Keeping crabs inside a moist, stress-free, and cool environment is an ideal thing to do. This will also cause them to be alive most of the time. So, place them inside a cooler basket covered by ice packs.

Question: Can you store crabs inside a fridge?

Answer: Yes, you can store them inside a fridge. However, they’ll last only for 3 days inside the fridge.

Final Word

Well, that brings us to the end of the guide! Congratulations on finishing it! Now, you can go ahead and purchase the best crab tongs for yourself.

And, if you want to take our advice then we’ll say all of them would impress you. However, check out their individual features in order to know what’s best for you.

Also, do provide your feedback in the comment section. We’d love to check up on you. That’s it, goodbye!


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