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finding the best aquarium thermometer

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When you’re thinking about all of the items you need for your aquarium, you may have overlooked one small but crucial device, the thermometer! Depending on what you keep in your tank, type of fish and plants, water that becomes unsuitable could have detrimental effects. Changes can happen even when everything appears to be just fine.

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We recommend using a thermometer for any tank you have, to track water changes over different days and times and to help correct any issues that come up. If you run a quick search for aquarium thermometers, you’ll find that you come up with a ton of conflicting and hard to sift through information.

There are three basic types of thermometers for tanks. Each is great for different things, models, and sizes of aquariums. The bottom line is that you need one and you should be recording water temperatures regularly. Doing so will help ensure that the temperature of the water is stable and staying within the optimal range for the type of fish you keep.

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Product FAQs

1. What kinds of thermometer are there?

2. What are the pros and cons of digital thermometers?

3. What about the kind you stick on the tank (LCD)?

4. Are standing or floating thermometers any good?

How Much Can You Expect to Spend?

Owning an aquarium with wildlife, plants, and fish can sometimes become an expensive hobby. We understand you may be worried about how much you’ll spend on this little necessary gadget, but honestly, you shouldn’t sweat it.

How We Reviewed

Because certain types of thermometers are best for certain types of tanks based on style, size, and fish/plant life contained, we looked at which thermostats consistently provided accurate results, were durable, could face normal wear and tear, were easy to use and more. Be sure to skim our reviews of each product we found to be the best of its kind for details on why it was the top pick!

Our Top Picks

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This digital meter comes with the submergible probe with a display that on the outside of the tank. We love that it’s inexpensive. The screen is easy to read, the suction cups are strong enough to keep it in place, and it has a decent temperature range.

It needs just one lr44 cell battery, which you'll receive with the product. We found the temperature readings to be steady and accurate to within 1 degree. The chord is approximately 40 inches from end to end, and it does not include an alarm.

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This digital monitor has an impressive large screen with easy to read display. It also reads the temperature every 10 seconds for an accurate reading. It comes with an excellent temperature range though a little smaller than the Zacro mentioned above. It can be attached to the tank with a spring clip or a suction cup easily.

Its durable outer shell makes it durable, and it comes with the two AG13 button cell batteries it needs for power.

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Whether you’re just getting started or wanting to replace your current stick on meter, this is a great choice. It comes with a vertical reading scale. Other consumers found that it had accurate readings on glass, acrylic and plastic tanks of varying thickness.

The size is approximately five ¼ inches by ¾ an inch. Be sure to read the pamphlet it comes with as it will explain the different colors and how to read an exact temperature.

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Prairie Essentials provides a great product. The thermometer has a reasonably easy read on it, that doesn’t come with multiple colors – which can be a drag for some people.

Each monitor is about 5 inches by a half inch wide, with a broad temperature range. In case you’re a fan of the dual measurements, this one only comes with the Fahrenheit reading.

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This ultralight, glass meter is small and suction cups to the side of the tank to keep it in place. It’s called a floating thermometer, but it stays in one place. It reads with both a Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, clearly and easily. We found the reading to be steady and accurate, as it sits inside the water.

This meter works well in tanks ranging from sizes of 10g up to 150g, with accuracy. You may want to consider that because it only suction cups at the top, the bottom of the meter can tap against the class as the water moves.

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For those looking for a weighted thermometer that sits at the bottom of the tank, this is the one for you. As you know, having the thermostat too close to the bottom of the container can make the reading inaccurate, but that was taken into the consideration of the design.

The monitor is weighted and comes ready to sit snugly on top of the gravel. It also has an easy to read, colored, “safe” zone for quick and easy reading.

The Verdict

All of these meters are excellent and useful devices. But we don’t love the suction cups used in floating thermometers or the sound of the instrument tapping the glass. We’re also not in love with adhesive thermometers because, well, the adhesive! We always revert to the digital meter, and we love the Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer.

It's easy to use, easy to set up, and always gives a clear, accurate reading. The chord can be a bummer for some, but we didn’t have any issue coiling it up and hiding the excess behind the tank. It’s a safe, effective, and inexpensive monitor to choose.

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